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Seniors Choice is one of the best group retiree medical plans on the market today!  Although, Seniors Choice is not a Medicare Supplement, it has some similarities, such as, picking up benefits where Medicare leaves off.  This product was created over 20 years ago to help employers find solutions to their escalating group retiree and employee medical costs.  This special program was created with the best interest of the member in mind.


    • Multiple Deductible Offerings
    • Optional Benefits Available
      • Additional Skilled Nursing
      • Private Duty Nursing
      • At Home Recovery
      • Comprehensive Wellness
      • No Network – Freedom of Choice for Providers and Hospitals

Part D

    • Three Options to choose from
    • High Option has COVERAGE THROUGH THE GAP!
    • Creditable Coverage
    • Available to groups and individuals
  • Benefits for Small Group Employers
    • Premium contribution can be pre-taxed dollars under a Section 125 Plan.
    • Employer receives tax benefits just like any other group plan.
    • Open enrollment every year that allows sponsors and members to make changes including adding benefits with no underwriting required!
    • Portability: When a senior employee decides to retire, he/she can take the plan with them.

Contact Dana Ragsdale for additional information at 800-442-4915


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