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John Maye

Sep 5, 17 • Featured Partner1 Comment

We are excited to announce John Maye as our Partner of the Month for September 2017! John has worked with The Brokerage, Inc. for a number of years, and our staff members have nothing but praise for him, his integrity, and his work ethic.

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John was introduced to the insurance industry back in 1977 through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. For years, John focused solely on life insurance. After his marriage in 1986 and the birth of his son in 1989, John switched gears and worked at the post office for the next 20 years.

After retiring in 2010, John was tasked with deciding on Medicare insurance plans for himself. This studying inspired John to return to the industry. “Seeing how I can be of assistance to seniors who may need help as I did has made me hooked and committed again,” John said.

Upon hearing that he was selected as our Partner of the Month, John wanted to provide advice to agents breaking into the insurance industry. “Just a little info for new agents: Look before you leap. My first year was a real ‘eye-opener’. A stranger took me aside, schooled me, and recommended The Brokerage,” John said. “If you meet their local Houston representatives, attend their training events, or interact with different people at the company, I feel that The Brokerage, Inc. will earn your trust.”

One Response to John Maye

  1. alatxboy1 says:

    Congratulations John. Perseverance definitely pays off in this business. Keep on solving problems and you will never run out of people to serve.

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