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Featured Partner

Veronica Valdez

Oct 2, 17 • Featured Partner2 Comments

We are excited to announce Veronica Valdez as our Partner of the Month for October 2017! Veronica Valdez is an incredibly hardworking agent and The Brokerage, Inc. is honored to work with her.

Veronica was kind enough to share the following information about herself:

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry since 2007. I began as a captive sales agent with UnitedHealthcare working in Medicare Sales. I love what I do and take pride in being able to simplify and explain how Medicare Insurance works. I enjoy helping my clients find the insurance plan that best fits their needs.

“When I decided to become an Independent agent, I carefully considered my options. I decided to join The Brokerage, Inc. under the agency of Coverage2Care, and the transition has been very smooth and very positive.

“It’s great to have local support from TBI with Claudia and Graciela, along with support from my upline at Coverage2Care, Kimberly Rodriguez. Their support, training opportunities and the website tools TBI makes available such as Quote Engines and Connecture, can really make a difference. If you are not using Connecture, which allows you to submit online enrollments with multiple carriers, I recommend you start doing so – especially during this upcoming AEP. This has definitely helped me maintain and continue to grow my book of business and in return, I am able to help take care of my family financially.

“Those that know me personally know that my family is most important to me and everything I do is for my family. Therefore, I treat my clients like family and I always guide them with their best interest in mind, always asking myself, ‘Would I do this for my family?'”


2 Responses to Veronica Valdez

  1. omardav02 says:

    Congratulations Veronica

  2. gcerca says:

    Congratulations Veronica! YOU ROCK!

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