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Employee of the Quarter

Sherry Kelson

Our new Employee of the Quarter is Sherry Kelson!

Sherry has worked for The Brokerage for over 18 years! She has been an instrumental part of the growth TBI has obtained over that period of time. She started in the Life Department and continues to do an outstanding job on case management. She continues to educate our agents on products and pricing with her expertise centering around underwriting.

She works hard with any task assigned to her. While the Life Department is on track to have a record sales year, she took on the task of helping make AgencyBloc a smooth transition this past quarter.  With the growth of adding new employees, she makes sure they all have computers and phones that allow them to do their jobs.  Sherry is always willing to take on any project assigned (as long as it was not Rod’s idea). With all of this going on at work, she was at home getting her baby boy ready to go off to play soccer at OBU (be sure to ask her what Kevin said about what he was going to do since they are now empty nesters).

We congratulate Sherry for her dedication and efforts to The Brokerage, Inc.!

6 Responses to Sherry Kelson

  1. Chika436 says:

    Congratulations, Sherry, and more grease to your elbows…Felix

  2. CHARLIE ELDER says:

    Congratulations, Sherry

  3. Tom Young says:

    Way to go, Sherry!

  4. Greg Koch says:

    I demand a recount! Congratulations Sherry. The help that you have provided me over the years is greatly appreciated.

  5. Gail White says:

    Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏😁

  6. Jimmy Jones from San Saba. says:

    Congrats’Sherry.Always appreciate your help & I have been with you also for over 20 with The Brokerage. Great folks

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