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Bridget George

Feb 5, 19 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

Bridget George is the President and CEO of BG Resource Insurance Agency, located right in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri (MO). Bridget is the wife of Rickey George Sr. as well as a devoted mom of two successful, business oriented young men. While Bridget’s family is very close to her heart, she is also very fond of the place she has called home for most of her life.

In 1984, Bridget graduated from Northwest High School, located in the Northern City area of St. Louis, MO. She worked hard to excel in her studies, always doing her best, as shown in her outstanding grades. She took a break from school, but as an adult, decided to further her education, to pursue the dreams that had always been deep down in her heart. Bridget finally went and enrolled in college for herself. Bridget pursued her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. In 2013, Bridget had accomplished one of her dreams. She had graduated from college! After watching their mom complete the goals that she had set for herself, her young sons were motivated by their mom, to pursue and accomplish obtaining college degrees as well. So, after watching both of her sons walk across the stage with their degrees, Bridget had a desire to use what she had accomplished to help others in her community.

After working 10 years as an Administrative Assistant in the corporate world and being laid off due to the economy crash in 2007, Bridget decided to step out on faith and do what her heart longed to do, help others! After being laid off, Bridget decided to research the best ways to help and serve the community. After finding out that the people in the community lacked the services that so many people in the corporate world had come to take for granted, she looked into getting her Insurance License. She would use this license to help those around her to gain the financial security in the form of wellness, education, and resources that every family deserves.

Bridget has gone on to acquire the most positive rapport from those living in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and surrounding communities, throughout Missouri. She has been an asset to the community by following through on providing better lives for those who had lost hope. She has hosted and participated in several events, such as Back to School Extravaganzas, and informational and educational seminars. The smile, caring heart, and transparency that profoundly shows in her work ethic, lead to Bridget being awarded and recognized for being one of the top-vending Insurance Agents in the country.
While Bridget’s heart continues to thrive at BG Resource, her journey does not end here as she’s been able to lend a helping hand to those trying to also be a success. She will be working with other partners to help with resources, and also help others look their best while also taking care of their families. Both of these attributes are very near and dear to her heart! Bridget’s ultimate goal is to be the change that could happen, and see it in the Ferguson community and other surrounding communities.

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