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Gary Walker

Mar 4, 19 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

Gary Walker was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Upon graduation from W. T. White High School in Dallas, he entered El Centro College and later Criswell Bible College. He graduated from Southern Bible Theological Institute where he studied advanced theology. Gary has been in ministry for almost 40 years. His preaching and pastoral ethics were instilled in him early in his life by his father, the late Dr. W. J. Walker. Gary has had the privilege to shepherd God’s people in Dallas, Quitman, Greenville and Kilgore, TX. He currently pastors in Tyler, TX.

While pastoring in East Texas, Gary felt a greater need to do ministry and asked God to lead him to a career that would allow him to do just that. He was referred to an agency to work as a captive debit agent. While that got him a little closer to his purpose, Gary knew that there was a greater opportunity for him to better serve people. He so often says, “a faith that can’t be tested, is a faith that can’t be trusted.” And with the support of his wife, he stepped out on faith and went independent. He has no regrets.

In his first AEP, Gary became certified in mid-November. Although he had gotten off to a late start, he was still able to secure 85 clients! Gary is not shy about asking questions to get the answers he needs to service his clients. In his own words, “I can be worrisome, but I’m nice.” He really wants to educate his clients on their options. This persistence, along with his ability to never meet a stranger and a genuine heart for the elderly, assists him in being able to serve more and more clients each AEP.

Each step of the way, he has come across people that have been so helpful and knowledgeable in helping him get started. All of which have served as further confirmation that he was walking in his purpose.

Gary credits his wife, Mary, for what he’s been able to accomplish. They enjoy working out with Camp Gladiator, attending live music and theater events and volunteering in the community. Together, they have plans to start an agency that focuses on Medicare, Life, Health and Long-Term Care Insurance.

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