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Becky Flores

May 1, 19 • Featured Partner6 Comments

I was born in Michigan then moved to Texas in 1985. My husband and I share four children: Courtney, Steven, Bobby, and Aimee along with 13 beautiful grandchildren.

I have worked as an insurance broker manager for the past 14 years. Prior to that, I was a food service manager at HEB for 24 years. I’ve been working with The Brokerage since 2018! I’m committed to providing training, coaching, and guidance to my team to serve the needs of our valued members. Furthermore, I’ve learned that leadership is not about being the best. Leadership is about making everyone else better!

In my downtime, I enjoy sports, especially bowling. (I was inducted into the Corpus Christi Bowling Hall of Fame.) I love the Dallas Cowboys and spending time with my family and friends. Thank you for honoring me as Agent of the Month!

6 Responses to Becky Flores

  1. 4590801 says:

    Congratulations to Becky Flores! Great leader and trainer with good knowledge of our health and life products. We appreciate her very much! She is available to her team as needed by phone or in person. She continuously helps us contract to all types of insurance that can help others, as well as helping us add to our portfolio and thereby also increasing our income.

    Great job, Becky…Proud of you!

  2. Mary-Lou González says:

    Becky, CONGRATULATIONS! It does not come as a surprise that you would be recognized as Partner of the Month. You are a very giving person and wonderful role model.

  3. Cmart says:

    Congratulations, Becky. You are a great leader!

  4. nmoreida says:

    Congratulations Becky! So proud of you!

  5. epogan says:

    Awesome to see you get this partner of the month. As a member of your team I can say you have really been awesome as a manager, helping to keep us up to date with multiple products and encouraging without pushing us to keep going. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Anna Gonzalez says:

    So HAPPY for you…What an impressive achievement!

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