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John Stacy

May 31, 19 • Featured Partner, News2 Comments

John Stacy is a sixth generation Texan as well as a descendant of the Original 300 Settlers of Texas. He is a graduate of Texas Christian University and has been married to his beautiful wife, Amie, for 18 years. John and Amie have three boys – Jude, Gabriel, and Luke.

John has been a life and health agent with The Brokerage since 2002. He enjoys finding creative solutions for his health and life clients. John has served on City Council and ran for political office trying to be a source of change in local politics. He is also an overly emotional sports fan who has been heartbroken by the Cowboys and Rangers throughout most of his life. Horse racing is also a passion of his! In his spare time, John plays piano and watches sports to relax as TV helps put him to sleep.

2 Responses to John Stacy

  1. RichardGermer says:

    As a Grandfather of a sixth generation Texan Congratulations to you. As you know their only two kinds of people in the world. Those that are Texans and Those that wish they were Texans.

    You never have to have to ask a Texan if he(she) is a Texan. If they are a Texan they will tell you without asking and if they are not a Texan no using insulting them.

  2. lweast says:


    I just saw your profile. Are you a member of the Sons of Republic of Texas? I was the former President of the Dallas Chapter and I’m now a member of the FTW Chapter.

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