4 Ways to Keep Your Medicare Advantage Enrollments on the Books

October 31, 2019

While we should always be working through new leads, it is important that we continue to care for our existing clients.

Unhappy customers can lead to dis-enrollments and charge-backs.

Use these 4 easy techniques to communicate to your customer that you care about their healthcare experience:

1. Reach out to your new member to see if they have received their welcome letter or welcome call from the new company.

2. Make sure they have received their ID card and if the correct Doctor is listed on the card. Check to see if they have any questions about using the plan.

3. Call them to see if they have seen their doctor on the plan, especially if they have changed doctors. Usually, they are able to change doctors if they are not comfortable with the new primary care doctor.

4. Check to see if they have been able to get their prescriptions filled. Remind them about the mail order option, if there is one on their plan.

Once you have reached out to your clients to make sure they are having a positive experience with their healthcare choice, you’re set up to build a long-lasting relationship. This opens the door for you to cross-sell related products, a life insurance policy (Final Expense), dental, vision, or maybe even a cancer plan. The Brokerage Inc. has many supplemental products available for you to add to your portfolio.

If you follow the steps above, you will have a happy customer and a friend. As always, please reach out to The Brokerage with any questions!

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