5 Online Branding Tools

March 30, 2020

Looking for ways to grow your business online?

There are so many great resources you can use to expand your presence online and with your clients.  From logo design, to photo storage to scheduling your social media, you can find what you need from the comforts of your own computer.

Here are some of our favorite online branding tools to help you grow.  And if you want to learn more, check out our How to Build a Brand for your Insurance Business video workshop.

Use gsuite to help grow your business online

G suite

Google has so much to offer beyond a Gmail email account.  G Suite is its online tool for a growing business.  It offers small business ways to share docs, photos, videos and so much more.

A calendar can be shared among team members to keep track of productivity.  And Google Hangout is perfect for an online business meeting.  G Suite is a great place to start.

Use Fiverr to create logos and branding colors


If you are looking for help creating a logo or color scheme, Fiverr is a great place to start.  You pay freelancers to do the work for you.

You can hire someone to create a logo or a business card or even a social media design that keeps with your brand.  A color scheme is created to keep everything on-brand.

Use canva to design social media images


Canva is another wonderful tool to keep your business on brand.  This design platform offers a free service that can help you create designs for social media or for presentations.

You can upgrade to get more services for your business.  This platform helps you create designs that can be used for all areas of your business.

Coschedule helps you schedule social media


Once you have all of those beautiful social media designs created in Canva, you can schedule it on Coschedule!

Coschedule can schedule most social media content plus blog posts in WordPress.  Or you can use this as your calendar to keep track of productivity with your team members.

It’s a great tool for getting a wide-angle view of your work.

Try activecampaign for email marketing


Now that you have all of your branding tools in place, it’s time to put it to use with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is a platform for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Sales & CRM.  This keeps your growing list of clients in one place so you can reach out to them with a simple email campaign.

So there you have it, our recommendations for 5 Online Branding Tools to Grow your Business.  There are so many great online tools for you to choose from.  These can help you get started.

Chris Huston | Content Creator

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