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ACA Referral Program

2019 ACA Broker Referral Program

If you are not certified to market the ACA Qualified Health Plans, but prospects are asking you for assistance with choosing a plan, we can help.

Submit this form to us and The Brokerage will pay you a referral fee. We have in-house, ACA certified brokers that will work with your prospects to design a Qualified Health Plan that fits ttheir needs.

Once the policy has been issued with either BCBSTX, Oscar Health or Molina and the policy has been active with premiums paid for 90 days, The Brokerage will pay you a referral based on the number of members on the application. Referral fee will be as follows:

One Person on the app = $25

Two People on the app = $50

Three people on the app = $75

Four or more people on the app = $100

We will pay the referring agent $25 per member of the application up to a max of 4 members per application. Applications MUST be active/inforce for 90 consective days.