ACA = Opportunity

September 29, 2021

Are you considering selling health insurance?  President Mike Smith says ACA = Opportunity, and he tells you how in the latest Broker Link Podcast.

Podcast Overview

Did you know in 2020 8.6% of people or 28 million did not have health insurance?  5.4 million Texans were without health insurance which leaves a big opportunity for selling.  So where can you find leads in the ACA?  Here are a few options:

  • US Census Bureau
  • Network with P&C Agents
  • Network with CPAs
  • Community Events

And if you look at the figures below, the ACA can definitely grow your bottom line.

In this Podcast we’ll also explore:

  • How to get started in selling ACA
  • ACA Carriers and some of the benefits to selling each one
  • How to use Health Sherpa
  • And so much more…

Go to BrokerageStrong.com now for a full replay of Mike’s presentation or to watch Carrier presentations for selling Medicare in 2022.

We have a complete library of podcasts to help you grow your business.  You can listen to all of our Broker Link episodes in our Podcast library here!

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