AIG: Protecting Individuals and Families

February 1, 2021

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Whether you are protecting yourself or family, you want to pick the right insurance to cover life’s ever-changing stages.

AIG provides navigation for individuals and families with life solutions, the right time and the right way. Whether your client is in a new stage of life, increasing responsibility or heading into retirement, AIG provides support tailored to your clients’ needs.

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  • Millennials should save 40% of their income if they want to retire comfortably. Too early to plan? It’s easier than you think.
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Life Insurance Product Portfolio

AIG offers several life insurance products for spouses and partners, families, single parents, and individuals beyond their working years.  

Term life insurance 
  • AIG’s Select-A-Term product is affordable and can be tailored to your client’s specific needs, with term lengths between 10 and 35 years.  
  • This is a great option for mortgage protection and income replacement in the case of unexpected death. Better yet, AIG’s term product is convertible to their full permanent product portfolio. 
Indexed Universal Life 
  • No matter whether your client’s primary focus is, cash accumulation or death benefit protection, AIG has the IUL products that will ensure your client and their family has financial protection that will stand the test of time 
  • AIG’s permanent products also have an optional Chronic Illness rider, meaning that your client’s life policy can provide financial assistance if they need assisted living or home health care 
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life  

AIG has a great backup solution for those clients whose health history who would prevent them from qualifying for life insurance. With AIG’s GIWL, your client is guaranteed to be approved with zero underwriting – as long as they can sign the application and pay their premiums, they’re guaranteed coverage.

“52% of Americans will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetime.”


AIG retire stronger

You’ve done the work, make retirement easy. AIG Retirement Services offer freedom and navigation towards a healthier future. AIG offers financial planning, expert advice, and smart technology to keep you on track for a successful retirement. Retire Stronger with AIG provides sales support, training and products to better serve your client base.

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AIG Protecting Families and Individuals

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