How to Sell Life Insurance in Under 10 Minutes

February 11, 2022

When it comes to writing applications for life insurance, wouldn’t it be nice if it could happen quickly?  Now it can.  Bestow is making it easier to sell term life insurance with an online application that takes under 10 minutes to fill out and be approved.

Who is Bestow

Bestow believes it shouldn’t be hard to buy life insurance or lead clients through the underwriting process.  So they have created an online application that makes it faster and easier to get a life insurance policy.  Here’s what else they believe in:

  • We create cutting-edge life insurance products and technologiesthat help people every day.
  • Done-in-minutes life insurance application that never requires a medical exam.
  • 100% digital application with no case management.
  • Purchase life insurance in under 10 minutes.

who is bestow the right fit for

Bestow is a great option for traditional life agents.  However, it’s also a great product with a lot of cross-selling opportunities.  For example, a lot of property-casualty, Med Supp, and ACA agents have found success selling Bestow.  People don’t want to get hung up in the underwriting process and because Bestow eliminates that, it’s a great selling option for all agents.   

3 Takeaways from Today’s Episode:

  1. Term life insurance is finally profitable again. Your time is money, and when you’re able to close a deal in 10 minutes or less, your commissions go a lot further.
  2. Insurtech is here to stay, and with Bestow, you get to be a part of it. Rather than trying to eliminate the external distribution channel like some of the other Insurtech carriers, Bestow is dedicated to helping you grow your business using their technology.
  3. To learn more about what Bestow has to offer, just go to agents.bestow.com – and once you’re ready to get contracted, you can easily get set up with Bestow on our website – thebrokerageinc.com.

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