Capitol Hill Updates with President Mike Smith

March 8, 2023

Our team recently attended the NABIP Capitol Conference in Washington D.C.

In this episode, President Mike Smith gives an overview of how current legislation could impact your business in 2023 and beyond.

Topics Covered:

  • The Spirit of Independence Award
  • Why you should consider joining NABIP
  • Preservation of the employer tax exclusion
  • Advocating for site neutrality (cutting healthcare costs)
  • Updates and innovations with HSAs
  • Giving Medicare members the ability to keep their HDHP even if on Part A
  • Operation SHOUT – canned messages to congress members
  • Mental health services/needs are skyrocketing…what we can do about it
  • Medicaid Redetermination/Medicaid Unwinding
  • Family Glitch – new SEP for ACA marketplace
  • Medicare Marketing Regulations
  • COBRA should be treated as creditable coverage
  • Improve Medicare rules regarding observation status
  • Allowing PDP changes during MA OEP

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