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Sandy Tyler

Aug 2, 18 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

Sandy C. Tyler is a Supervising General Agent helping seniors navigate the Medicare Market since 2000.  He joined PacifiCare in 2005 that same year it was acquired by United Healthcare. Sandy is based in South Texas serving the Corpus Christi, Houston and Victoria Markets. Sandy enjoys working with seniors and ensuring that they make informed decisions that will best fit their needs. Sandy has a passion for developing new agents which has lead to several top producing agents in his agency.

His achievement include Top Producer for AEP 2012, Top Sales Agent AEP 2013, Top Sales Agency AEP 2013, Top 10 Sales Agent 2014, Top Sales Agency 2014, Top Producer 2015, Top Producing Agency 2015, Top Producer 2016, Top Producing Agency 2016, 2017 AEP Top Agent, and 2017 AEP Top Producing Agency. Sandy has been married for years to Niris and has a daughter Kayla. Sandy enjoys traveling and The Pittsburgh Steelers.

McCunis & Fox

Jul 3, 18 • Featured Partner2 Comments

Misty Fox and Gary McCunis founders and owners of The McCunis-Fox Health Insurance Agency have
been providing insurance to families, individuals and businesses since 2007. They have a combination of
over 40 years of sales management experience developing their businesses into industry sales leaders.
They are an independent agency which means they are able to offer plans from every major insurance
carrier. Misty and Gary are committed to being the best and have received many top industry awards in
their career.

They started the business with just the two of them and over the last 11 years they have grown to more
than over 65 agents working with them. They believe in a small, tight knit, high quality group of
individuals and do not believe in a high recruitment strategy, with high turnover. Because of the success
of their team, they have had rapid growth across Texas with expansion into Florida and Oregon. The
main office is headquartered in Watergate Marina in Kemah, TX.

Misty and Gary believe in doing things for the “Right Reasons” which has guided them through growing
their team. They are focused on the “needs of others” by providing them with as much information
about their options so that their clients can make the best decision in regards to their medical, dental,
and life insurance solutions. Misty and Gary believe that they are stronger as a “Team” than they are
individually. This allows their team to address Medicare eligible clients throughout the area in a timely
and educated manner while assisting them with their Medicare Options.

Jeremy Cutlip

Jun 3, 18 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

We are excited to announce Jeremy Cutlip as our Partner of the Month for June 2018!

“I started my insurance career in September of 2015 in a captive agency. They had a great training program where I excelled quickly. However, it was a “boiler room” environment: no matter how good you did, it wasn’t good enough. The whole pyramid business model was flawed. After producing my record month in November 2017, I left in December to start working independently with the Brokerage with the idea of cross selling all avenues.

Then I started “IBT,” offering benefits to the blue collar working class. Now, rather than battling for numbers within your own agency, I work to bring down the walls of making clients choose one carrier.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

This quote sits with me more than ever considering my transition from captive to independent.

Later, I was appointed to the Humana “A-Team” and found great success selling Medicare Advantage plans but settling on one thing is not why I became independent. Cross-selling is the greatest asset we have as brokers. Why should casualty have all the fun?

I graduated the University of North Texas in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality. After school, I gained 17 years of service experience. I owned two establishments – Skybox Sports Club and Barfly’s Bar & Grill – built five and worked for over 20 businesses. Surprisingly, I still work at Cowboys Stadium during events! I am happily not-married to my wonderful partner, Katharine, with two children, Mackenzie and Jameson. I also enjoy long walks from the bar!

I’m looking forward to changing the insurance game!”


Adriana Freeman

Apr 30, 18 • Featured Partner2 Comments

We are excited to announce Adriana Freeman as our Partner of the Month for May 2018!

Adriana Freeman is the owner & principal of Insure Prosperity, LLC Insurance Agency. With over 20 years of experience, Adriana works to develop independent agents, confidence in their skills and the unwavering commitment to provide valuable services to the senior community. She empowers agents with the ability to solve insurance problems so they can create financial security for the customer.

adrianaLicensed in 32 states, Adriana started her career in insurance with Allstate, where she was awarded “Top Sales Agent” numerous times. In 1998, she was recruited by Humana, Inc. During her employment, she was promoted to sales management for the start up of the HumanaOne IMM Telesales team in San Antonio, Texas. Adriana was honored to be entrusted with business operations such as coding and testing HTML on-line pop-up scripting, collaborating with UW team and streamlining workflows, to name a few. Adriana was recognized by Tod Zacharias, President of HumanaOne, for her contributions. Adriana’s ability help with licensing, train and develop top performing sales agents in Texas did not go unnoticed as she was given an opportunity to work with her peers, training sales agent in Florida as well.

Adriana joined UnitedHealthcare’s Independent Career Agent team in 2008 where she earned “Top Sales Agent” five out of seven years. In 2016, Adriana joined The Brokerage Inc. FMO, and in a short amount of time, she has grown the Insure Prosperity Agency team to four sub agencies: Market Health Insurance Agency, Gladys Murphy Insurance Agency, G&S Insurance Agency and EIC Agency with three offices in San Antonio and one office in Corpus Christi, Texas.

With a “service before self,” motto, Adriana strives to instill a “do no harm” approach throughout the Insure Prosperity Team.

Adriana has been married to Wayne C. Freeman for 16 years. Together they have four children, seven grandchildren and four children. Adriana majored in Network Administration & Computer Programming, studying languages Java, Visual Basics, and Cisco. She enjoys growing her own herbs, cooking, printing, photography and Tai Chi Qu Gong.

We would like to congratulate Adriana on this achievement and her continued success!

Maria Reyes

Mar 12, 18 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

We are excited to announce Maria Reyes as our Partner of the Month for March 2018!  Maria is an incredibly consistent performer, and The Brokerage, Inc. is ecstatic to work with her.

Here’s what Maria had to say about her career so far:

“I have been in the Insurance Industry since 2011, I began as a captive agent offering life insurance products.

In 2015 and after careful consideration I decided to work with Medicare products.  Although it was a difficult starting, I thank God for allowing me the opportunity and for surrounding me with wonderful people and for my family who are very supportive.

I want to continue helping out seniors and potential future clients.  It is very rewarding when clients call and thank me for helping them with their healthcare needs.

I’m happily married to my husband Rick. Together we have three beautiful girls – three sons and eight grandchildren.”

We would like to congratulate Maria on this achievement and her continued success!

San Juanita Alcala

Feb 9, 18 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

We are excited to announce San Juanita Alcala as our Partner of the Month for February 2018!  San Juanita is an incredibly hardworking agent, and The Brokerage, Inc. is honored to work with her.

San Juanita Alcala opened Texas Seniors Agency in San Antonio in 2016 and opened a second office in Laredo, Texas the following year.  She has established her presence in the senior community in both markets by providing support for social services including assistance with LIS, Medicaid and health insurance coverage.

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry since 2012 and began as a captive agent for a Life Insurance carrier.  Then in 2014 open enrollment, I started with Medicare and over these past three years I’ve had the blessing of getting to know wonderful people who share their life experiences with me.  I see this as the Lord blessing me with knowledge every single day.  My motto in life is Learn-Work-Serve-Respect and working with Medicare recipients allows me to live this motto daily.

I have been married for 7 ½ years to a wonderfully supportive husband and have three children who are my greatest motivation in life.  My hobby at this point in life is getting to be knowledgeable in what I do for a living.  You can never learn enough.”

Thank you San Juanita for your excellent customer service and dedication to your customers!

Jim and Diane Kaufman

Dec 4, 17 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

We are excited to announce Jim and Diane Kaufman as our latest Partners of the Month!  Jim and Diane Kaufman have been independent agents offering Medicare products to their clients for the last 5 years – that’s 6 AEP’s!

Jim has been a sales entrepreneur for over 45 years.  One of his more interesting ventures was producing nationally known authors and professional speakers in the fields of sales training and motivation.  To this day, Jim loves training and developing salespeople.  Jim is a creative marketer and a people person to the max!

Diane, in addition to insurance agent, is a licensed CPA in Texas.  She has worked in corporate accounting, sales support, and operations positions as well as in several local public accounting firms.  At one time, she was the Controller for a regional dairy and later the Director of Pricing and Sales Support for a billion $$ dairy.  She was also co-owner and manager of several fast food restaurant franchise locations in San Antonio and Sherman. Diane enjoys the Medicare insurance market and is thrilled that she gets to work with her husband, Jim, every day (well…most of the time!)

Jim’s and Diane’s combined business and sales experiences contribute to the success of achieving their mission statement:

“The Kaufman Agency’s mission is to become the premier Medicare Insurance brand in our marketplace.”

Jim and Diane went on to say, “Our focus is on Medicare-eligible consumer education.  Our target market is people who are new to Medicare:  turning 65, leaving employer plans, or other situations.  We hold year-round community sales meetings and our attendees often tell us that we take the confusion out of understanding their Medicare options.  We believe that we provide our clients with outstanding customer service and we have high client retention year after year.

“We enjoy working with the fine staff at The Brokerage.  Over the years, we believe they have made it possible for us to grow our business much more rapidly.  There are many special people there who we look forward to working with all year long and always have answers when we have questions.  Staff is very accessible, even during busy AEP!”

In their spare time, Jim and Diane are “parents” to two beautiful white English labs, Kobe and Kammi.  They enjoy working out, reading, dining out, traveling, and just “hanging-out” with family and friends. All of us at The Brokerage, Inc. are so glad to be partnered with Jim and Diane.

Colleen Stephens

Oct 31, 17 • Featured Partner2 Comments

Congratulations to Colleen Stephens as our November 2017 Partner of the Month!

Colleen heads up the Senior Sales division for Tallgrass Benefits FMO and General Brokerage Agency. In addition to doing personal sales, she also oversees training, kiosk marketing and direct mail marking. Colleen joined Tallgrass in August after 30 years of successful sales and account management experience in the corporate world. Exceptional background in employee benefits and client relationship cultivation. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and horseback riding.

Veronica Valdez

Oct 2, 17 • Featured Partner2 Comments

We are excited to announce Veronica Valdez as our Partner of the Month for October 2017! Veronica Valdez is an incredibly hardworking agent and The Brokerage, Inc. is honored to work with her.

Veronica was kind enough to share the following information about herself:

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry since 2007. I began as a captive sales agent with UnitedHealthcare working in Medicare Sales. I love what I do and take pride in being able to simplify and explain how Medicare Insurance works. I enjoy helping my clients find the insurance plan that best fits their needs.

“When I decided to become an Independent agent, I carefully considered my options. I decided to join The Brokerage, Inc. under the agency of Coverage2Care, and the transition has been very smooth and very positive.

“It’s great to have local support from TBI with Claudia and Graciela, along with support from my upline at Coverage2Care, Kimberly Rodriguez. Their support, training opportunities and the website tools TBI makes available such as Quote Engines and Connecture, can really make a difference. If you are not using Connecture, which allows you to submit online enrollments with multiple carriers, I recommend you start doing so – especially during this upcoming AEP. This has definitely helped me maintain and continue to grow my book of business and in return, I am able to help take care of my family financially.

“Those that know me personally know that my family is most important to me and everything I do is for my family. Therefore, I treat my clients like family and I always guide them with their best interest in mind, always asking myself, ‘Would I do this for my family?'”


John Maye

Sep 5, 17 • Featured Partner1 Comment

We are excited to announce John Maye as our Partner of the Month for September 2017! John has worked with The Brokerage, Inc. for a number of years, and our staff members have nothing but praise for him, his integrity, and his work ethic.

John Maye.jpg

John was introduced to the insurance industry back in 1977 through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. For years, John focused solely on life insurance. After his marriage in 1986 and the birth of his son in 1989, John switched gears and worked at the post office for the next 20 years.

After retiring in 2010, John was tasked with deciding on Medicare insurance plans for himself. This studying inspired John to return to the industry. “Seeing how I can be of assistance to seniors who may need help as I did has made me hooked and committed again,” John said.

Upon hearing that he was selected as our Partner of the Month, John wanted to provide advice to agents breaking into the insurance industry. “Just a little info for new agents: Look before you leap. My first year was a real ‘eye-opener’. A stranger took me aside, schooled me, and recommended The Brokerage,” John said. “If you meet their local Houston representatives, attend their training events, or interact with different people at the company, I feel that The Brokerage, Inc. will earn your trust.”

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