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Derik Brasher

Feb 2, 17 • Featured PartnerComments Off on Derik Brasher

The Brokerage Inc. is honored to announce one of our new and up-coming agents, Derik Brasher, as Partner of the Month for March 2017!

Our featured partner this month is based out of The Woodlands in the Houston, Texas area. Derik and his counterpart/spouse, Jean, who is an insurance agent herself, have been working on building a diverse portfolio with The Brokerage Inc. since July of 2016 and it seems these two make a great dynamic duo! It all started with Derik attending one of our Lunch & Learns in his area due to his desire to learn the industry. Since then, he has proactively attended many of our live training events and has begun working retail. Derik is a great example of how agents should be focusing on diversifying their product portfolios and pushing themselves to become better agents for their clients.

Here is a short statement from our featured partner for March 2017:

“My wife, Jean, and I are very happy to be affiliated with The Brokerage. It was a very good day, the day we were invited to join The Brokerage. The support of the friendly staff has exceeded our expectations. This, along with the other tools offered is helping us to succeed. The Brokerage provides a great platform for success. We have developed a 5-branched marketing plan and are executing the plan!”

Congratulations, Derik! We appreciate your hard work and continued partnership!

Kimberly Rodriguez

Dec 7, 16 • Featured PartnerComments Off on Kimberly Rodriguez


Kimberly Rodriguez founded Coverage2Care in 2015, a full-service agency focusing on the
Medicare population. She began her Medicare career back in 2006 helping the lower income
population apply for additional benefits and social programs through non-profit organizations in the
state of Texas. Through the years she has had the opportunity to partner with community outreach
programs, medical groups and advocates of all sorts to provide awareness of resources to the
Medicare population. She has worked with the city of San Antonio to conduct flu shots at no cost to the lower and underserved population. Through Coverage2Care she also has worked with nurse practitioners on
Diabetes education and informative talks with Physicians in the area. Her background is in sales & marketing with major insurance agencies such as USAA and Allstate which has given her a unique perspective that has helped her through her carrier. She has also worked closely with various Medical Groups focusing on Geriatric care such as WellMed, Oncology and Independent Physicians. She had an extended look at the needs of local clinics to help serve the baby boomer population. As a Hispanic woman, she believes helping those
that lack education or understanding in a certain topic that she is well versed in makes her proud and grateful to bring knowledge to clients in their decision making for coverage. She is married to her husband, Daniel, and has 3 children.