Core Carrier Partner: Mutual of Omaha

March 3, 2021

More and more clients are looking for long-term care protection with their life insurance policies.

The problem is, many cannot qualify due to health. This month’s core carrier partner is Mutual of Omaha. They offer two Indexed UL products that ALWAYS include a Chronic Illness rider, regardless of rate class, age, or face amount!

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is permanent, flexible insurance coverage. It includes the opportunity to adjust the premium and the death benefit, as well as accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis.

Universal Life Insurance Policies Include:

  • Permanent Coverage- Pay your premiums, and you are covered for life.
  • Tax Advantages-Income tax-free death benefit, potential for tax-deferred** cash value accumulation & income tax-free policy loans/ withdrawals.
  • Accelerated Death Benefits- Early access to a portion of your death benefit in the event of a terminal or chronic illness.
  • Flexible Premiums and Benefits -Unique option to change the premium payment amount, payment frequency and death benefit amount.

upcoming webinar- march 16th at 10 am

Join us at 10 AM CST on March 16th as we take a look at our core partner Mutual of Omaha with Sales Director Dave Weber as he shares exciting new initiatives that you can use to expand your business! REGISTER.

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