How to Kickstart your Year for Success

January 12, 2022

Do you have a plan or strategy for your business and personal goals this year?  In our first Broker Link podcast for 2022, we talk with Strengths Coach and Strategist Brent O’Bannon about How to Kickstart your Year for Success!

Brent is a full-time Gallup strengths champion coach and speaker. He’s facilitated more than 27,000 coaching sessions and given hundreds of presentations to organizations across the globe. He was also last year’s keynote speaker at our Stronger Together conferences. 

Podcast Overview

Brent’s philosophy is to combine your personal goals with your business goals.  He says it’s important to understand both before creating your strategy for the new year. We also go over the 10 areas of business development you need to focus on to make the greatest impact, and we talk about the importance of mastermind groups.

Those 10 areas of business development are:  

  1. Vision – It starts with a vision.  Not just a vision for business but your personal vision.  Strengths, well-being, mindset.
  2. Strategy – Make sure your strategy is written down.  One you can review daily, and weekly.
  3. Cash – Cash is king! If you are not profitable, your business won’t survive.
  4. Products or Services – The more knowledge you have of your product, the more you will grow and be a thought leader.
  5. Marketing – Marketing is how you attract potential clients.  Social, offline, and online strategies.  Strategies that match your strengths.
  6. Sales – The way you sell will be different from someone else.
  7. People – Internal people (human capital) are partners in your business.   
  8. Clients – Clients are king.  How can I keep clients emotionally engaged?  Build ongoing relationships and revenue.
  9. Culture – Differentiate yourself and your business with your own values, strengths, cultural identity.  
  10. Lifestyle – Don’t want to be working so hard you don’t enjoy life.  Are you spending time working out, taking vacations, enjoying hobbies?

Three Main Takeaways from Today’s Episode:

  1. When you’re setting goals for this year, look at them holistically. It’s not just about your business goals, but also about your overall well-being.
  2. Having ideas is great, but implementing your ideas is much better. One of the best ways to stay accountable for your goals is by joining a mastermind group.
  3. Take some time to learn about the 10x Business Growth Plan & Journal. This resource focuses on the 10 areas of business development you need to focus on to make the greatest impact.

So what can you do next?  Brent suggests finding a professional coach or a mastermind group to grow with and hold you accountable.  If you want to read more about Brent’s Mastermind group, visit him at www.brentobannon.com/resources.   You can also sign up for his webinar training and download his 10X journal when you do.     

And remember We have a complete library of podcasts to help you grow your business.  You can listen to all of our Broker Link episodes in our Podcast library here!

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