Humana Updates: November 2019

November 22, 2019

1. Humana Services Inquiries

Humana has added a new feature to their website which allows you to submit member issues via your Humana Vantage Portal.  This new service inquiry feature allows you to connect directly with Humana’s Agent RSOS team to ask for help in solving member issues.  The Agent RSOS team will work to resolve the issue and will provide you status updates through the service inquiry tile.

2. My Humana Business

Within the Humana Vantage Portal you’ll also find a new way to track your Humana book of business.  Within the My Humana Business tile you’ll be able to track policies that are currently being processed by Humana, policies that have pended due to an issue with the application, and both your active and inactive policies.  Through this tile you’ll have access to both information for your client (phone number, address, etc.) as well as information around their plan (type of product, effective date, etc.).

3. Enrollment Hub

Humana’s electronic application Enrollment Hub is available for MAPD and PDP enrollments.  It includes new ways to electronically sign an application (signature on a touch screen, with a mouse, via email, and more!) and allows you to capture a scope of appointment electronically as well.  This application can be used with both an active internet connection via the Vantage Portal or offline by downloading the application to a laptop or tablet device.

4. Pharmacy Calculator

With the issues that agents are having with Medicare.gov’s plan comparison tool it might be a good time to give Humana’s Pharmacy Calculator a try!  Humana’s Pharmacy Calculator can be accessed through your Humana Vantage Portal and will allow you to compare Humana’s plans side by side.  You’ll be able to enter your client’s drugs and view the cost for each plan as well.  The tool will then provide you a breakdown of what the member can expect to pay each month as they reach different stages of the plan’s coverage (meeting the deductible, hitting the donut hole, entering catastrophic coverage, etc.)

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