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Long Term Care

Sell Insurance Products - Long Term Care

Why Do Your Clients Need Long Term Care?

Long Term care costs are extremely expensive, in some states more than others. Help your clients understand the cost of LTC in their state, and give them the tools to help their beloved family members and not break the bank doing so. 

Sell Insurance Products - Long Term Care

Need Sales Ideas?

Don't know where to begin? Learn how to turn needs and concerns into sales. This booklet provides valuable information on how to begin the conversation and address the need for LTC with your clients. 


Sell Insurance Products - Long Term Care

Is Long Term Care Right For Your Client?

Long Term Care can provide the financial support needed in times of hardship. Here at The Brokerage, Inc., we have tools to help you make the most informed decision for your clients. Click the button below to view our Pre-Screen Form, and help you determine if LTC is an option for your client.

Long Term Care Carriers:

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Ready to contract for Long Term Care? Get started today!

Contracting is made simple through our online contracting system, Surancebay. 

Applications for products are available upon request.

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