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Medicare Certification Information for 2017

medicare certifications

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Baylor Scott and White
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Care N Care - Texas
Care N Care - North Carolina
Memorial Hermann


Join the Strength and Stability of UnitedHealthcare!

Prepare to complete certification for the 2017 plan year - beginning June 27

Join us in preparing for the 2017 selling season by completing certification to sell UnitedHealthcare products on June 27, 2016! Serving millions of members nationwide, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions offers a full portfolio of quality products, provides competitive commissions, and has state-of-the-art systems that allow you to track and manage the status of your enrollment applications and commissions.

You can start your UnitedHealthcare certification on June 27, 2016. 

Certification modules are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Learning Center. With just a few clicks, you can begin certification on the Learning Center, which can be found on the UnitedHealthcare Distribution Portal. Upon entering the Distribution Portal, click the first tab on the top of your screen titled "Learning Center." 

Changes in 2017!

  • Six attempts to take the assessment - This year you will have six attempts to complete the assessment with a passing score. Each time you launch the assessment an attempt is counted, whether you complete the assessment or not. NOTE: Be sure to schedule uninterrupted time in order to complete the entire assessment without losing an attempt.
  • CMS now requires agents to take a Fraud Waste and Abuse training on their website as a part of the agent 2017 certification requirements. Previously, fraud waste and abuse content was included in the UnitedHealthcare Ethics and Compliance certification module. As a result of this change from CMS, this content was removed from our Ethics and Compliance module and replaced with specific instructions and a link to access the new training. An attestation statement about the new CMS Fraud Waste and Abuse training has been added to the "Pledge of Compliance" agreement. Learn more

Question level feedback - Upon answering a question, immediate feedback will let you know if you answered the question correctly or incorrectly. This will be helpful to know to focus your review of the modules, in the event you should need to take the assessment again.

UnitedHealthcare will once again accept America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification and AHIP re-certification in place of the UnitedHealthcare 2017 Medicare Basics, 2017 Medicare Advantage Plans and 2016 Medicare Part D Plans certification modules. Learn more about AHIP Certification

Don't delay, you may begin marketing 2017 plans on October 1, 2016. Ensure that you are ready when that date rolls around by completing certification early- beginning June 27, 2016!


If you have additional questions about certifying, contact the Producer Help Desk at or 888-381-8581 Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST. 

Additional Resources


aetna logocoventrylogo

2017 certification for Individual Medicare products kicks off July 7

Starting July 7, you can complete the 2017 annual certification process for Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD, PDP). It’s one of the requirements you’ll need to complete to become ready to sell the Aetna 2017 products. 

Why get certified with Aetna? You can save money. The 2017 certification process includes AHIP and costs $125 – a savings of $50 off the retail price!

More Details Here!

Front Runners: Starting July 7, follow these steps to access your FREE 2017 certification to sell 2017 Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare plans

Starting July 7, you can complete the 2017 annual certification process for Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD, PDP). This is one of the requirements you’ll need to complete to become “ready to sell” our 2017 products.

  1. Starting July 7, access the certification site:
  2. Enter your NPN and password and click “Login” under Sign In
  3. Then enter your National Producer Number (NPN) into the Front Runner ID field. (Need to look up your NPN? Click here.)
  4. Next, review your Profile page and update your information. 

Once completed, you can access the 2017 AHIP courses free of charge – compliments of the 2016 Aetna Medicare Front Runner program. 

 Additional Resources

Baylor Scott and White

SW Health Plan Logo Now part of BSWH_PMS

  • 2017 Product Training is here!!

    Get Ready to Sell!

    AEP begins October 15!  Complete your training now so you will be ready to sell!

     The Scott & White Health Plan (SWHP) has released the 2017 SWHP/ICSW Medicare Prod Training, FWA and General Compliance annual presentation and assessment test. This year this is a new online training module. Medicare agents will receive an email with training logins.

    All agents are required to review the mandatory presentation and must score 85% or higher on the test to receive credit for the 2017 Training

    Along with their 2017 AHIP, Agents who complete the presentation and pass the assessment test will be able to sell the following:

    • SeniorCare (Cost)
    • Vital Traditions HMO
    • HMO-POS products

    To access the presentations and tests, log onto:

    (Appointed Agents will receive an email containing their login. If an Agent has not received their login, please contact Agent Support)

    Reminder: Once you have completed the training, please:

    You must complete this 2017 training  and 2017 AHIP prior to selling or no commissions will be paid.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield


2017 MAPD/PDP Producer Certification information is available here:

The 2017 Blue Cross Medicare Options MAPD/PDP Certification Process is now available!

Please use this link ( to access both Part 1 and Part 2 of the curricula and receive the HCSC discount of $125 for the AHIP course.  You must use this link to receive the discount.

User registers and creates an account on the HCSC/CMP page.   All users must use their NPN (no leading zeroes) as their user id and you may create your own password.  

Please ensure that you complete all 2017 Blue Cross Medicare Options MAPD/PDP certification requirements prior to marketing and/or selling any 2017 MAPD/PDP plans.

Producers will need to complete the following courses and exams:

Part 1: (2017 AHIP Medicare Training Task)

  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)
  • Final Exam
  • General Compliance Attestation

User ID: National Producer Number (NPN), no leading zeroes
User creates

Part 2:

  • Sales Agent Requirements course
  • MAPD/PDP Product course/exam
  • Producer or Agency Certification form
  • Producer or Agency Amendment (does not apply to sub-producers)
  • Attestation forms

If you have any questions, please call the ITG Helpdesk at 888-706-0583 for technical assistance and the Producer Service Center at 855-782-4272 for certification/commission questions, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (CT and MT) or email the Certification mailbox at

Resource Page for 2017 MAPD/PDP Certification
Once again, BCBSTX has developed a microsite devoted to MAPD/PDP certification. We’ll keep it up to date with everything you need to know to certify to sell 2017 products. Check out the latest information and be sure to save this page as a favorite or bookmark it.


Humana green logo

Humana’s annual on-line agent MAPD recertification training is now available.  We encourage all agents to complete the recertification prior to the start of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) on October 15, 2016.
Recertification must be completed in order to be eligible to offer and enroll in any Medicare products with a 2017 effective date.  In addition, recertification is required on an annual basis in order to receive commissions on any new or previously enrolled Medicare product.  Recertification is only for agents who are currently certified to offer Humana 2016 Medicare products.
Humana Recertification Schedule

  • July 19th    – Launch MAPD recertification at 12 p.m. EDT
  • August 11th  – Launch PDP recertification at 12 p.m. EDT
  • December 1st   – Sales privileges terminate for any agent that did not recertify

Helpfull links:

How to Complete Certification:

How to Complete Recertification:

How to Access Recertification in Vantage:

How to Complete PDP Certification:

How to access recertification through Humana Vantage
Vantage is the new agent digital dashboard through which you will access all of the tools and resources Humana has to offer; including the annual MAPD recertification.
Select the link below for instructions on how to access the MAPD recertification testing and training through Vantage.

JOB AID: How to Access Recertification in Vantage

AHIP Training & Testing
Similar to last year, Humana is partnering with AHIP in providing training and testing.  AHIP works closely with CMS in developing the material and they are highly regarded in the industry.  The AHIP certification must be taken in order to represent MA or PDP products. 
Select the link for instructions on how to access to on how to navigate the AHIP Medicare course.

JOB AID: How to Navigate the AHIP Medicare Course

The training has been designed to strengthen an agent’s knowledge and to better equip them to:

  • help potential members to understand the basics of the Medicare program plans and benefits
  • help potential members learn about the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans, eligibility, and how to get covered services
  • comply with marketing and enrollment requirements under the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs 

The AHIP training and testing can be accessed through the Humana Agent Portal.  To access the AHIP site, enter your National Producer Number (NPN) as your username and the password you created when you initially registered on the AHIP site. If you do not remember this information, the AHIP site offers guidance on how to find it.  There are 5 Medicare AHIP modules but you will only be required to open and read module 4 & 5 since you are recertifying.  However, you will be tested on all 5 modules so we strongly recommend reviewing all modules prior to testing.  You will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP test with a minimum passing score of 90%.

Upon successful completion of the final AHIP Medicare exam, the Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) course will “unlock” and become accessible.  Once you have completed the required course work, the FWA exam will “unlock” for completion.  You will have an hour to complete the 10-question exam.  You must score 90% to pass the exam but have as many attempts as needed to do so
Once the FWA exam is successfully completed, the CMS General Compliance course will “unlock” and be accessible.  There is not an exam required for this portion of the training.
Successful completion of the AHIP, FWA and CMS General Compliance training and testing are required before a passing score can be transmitted to the Humana Recertification course.
Select the link for instructions on how to transferring AHIP scores to Humana.

JOB AID: Transferring AHIP Scores

AHIP Fees and Reimbursement

The discounted charge for the 2017 AHIP training is $125.00 per registration when accessed via the Humana Agent Portal. The general fee for the 2017 AHIP training is $175.00 per registration.  
We value your partnership and will reimburse your testing fee under the following circumstances:

  • you took the courses through the Humana Agent Portal, and
  • you have successfully enrolled ten (10) MA OR forty (40) PDP January 1, 2017 effective members – members must be accreted with CMS by March 3, 2017. 

After completing the AHIP testing successfully you will have the option to purchase CE credits.
IMPORTANT:  After printing your AHIP transcript certificate, don’t forget to “click” the “send my exam completion to Humana” button at the bottom of the transcript page.  If you have taken the AHIP testing through another carrier’s site, access the AHIP site again through the Humana recertification course and send the acceptable exam to Humana. 
After completing the AHIP portion of testing and sending the transcript to Humana, you will continue on to complete the Humana portion of recertification. 

Humana Training & Testing
Similar to previous years, there will be several modules to complete on-line. You must take the AHIP recertification courses prior to beginning the Humana modules. Humana modules will include:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Safeguarding Protected Information (PI)
  • Humana Product information 

You will have 3 attempts to pass the Humana test with a minimum passing score of 85%.  Upon successful completion of the Humana test, return to “My Current Exams” to print your certificate of completion.

JOB AID:  How to Complete 2017 Medicare Recertification

Memorial Hermann

Registration Code - MHTSS2017

1.Pre-enrolled Agents

Go to

  • Click “Register as an Agent”
  • Enter your SSN, click “Continue”
  • You will be taken to a page to confirm your demographic information, enter a new username,  password, and security question. Once information is verified, click “Complete Registration”
  • You will then be taken to your Agent Dashboard, where you can find your program under the “New” tab under Programs
  1. Agents Registering with Pin (New Agents) 

*Go to
*Click “Register as an Agent.”
*Enter your SSN, click “Continue.”
*Enter your program registration pin - MHTSS2017, click “Continue.”

* Please verify the instructions at the top state "Upon completion, you will be a member of the Trusted Senior Specialists group and will be registered to the Memorial Hermann 2017 Certification program if/when the program is started."  
* Fill out your demographic information, enter a new username, password and security question. Once complete, click Complete Registration.”

  • You will then be taken to your Agent Dashboard, where you can find your program under the New tab under Programs

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