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Jamie Gaskill, Marketing

brokeragejamieJamie Gaskill, Marketing

In 2005, I joined The Brokerage Inc., changing industries along with employers.  My background prior to the brokerage was in the sales industry, most recently staffing, previous to that, selling with Verizon Yellow Pages and Panasonic robotics.  We won’t mention my commercial truck driving license.  Since then, I have concentrated primarily in the Medicare Market, adopting the various retail marketing programs as my personal redheaded stepchild.

It is my passion to help our agents and agencies in any fashion I can, taking into account insurance markets beyond those affected directly by Medicare.  I work to help market programs and concepts that are designed to help our agents earn as much as they are willing to invest of themselves, with an emphasis on whatever best suits their personal marketing philosophy.

Raised in Southlake, Texas, at a time it appeared a bit different than today (I actually rode a horse named Gold Dust to school!), I’m a proud mother of two beautiful young ladies who could not be any different in nature.  Two grandsons (also as different as night and day) help offset the three sometimes stinky pooches that help round out my household.