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Occupational Accident

occupational accident

Occupational Accident

Occupational accident policies provide AD&D, medical and disability benefits to employees injured on the job. While it has multi-state availability, it is very popular with Texas employers who are non-subscribers to the workers compensation system.

Common features are:

  • Combined single limit for all benefits including Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits, Accident Medical Expense benefits, and Weekly Accident Indemnity benefits
  • Single limit maximums available up to $2,000,000 on most industries
  • Single limit deductibles as low as $500
  • Benefit Period of 52, 114, or 156 weeks
  • Available to groups of two or more lives
  • Low Minimum Premium - $50 per month
  • Contract labor can be included for coverage
  • Rates are based on a percentage of payroll, however "per person" rates are also available
  • 12 month rate guarantee

Some benefits, provisions, limitations and exclusions listed herein, may vary depending on state of residence.