Podcast: Episode 51

January 26, 2021

After 40+ years, The Brokerage Inc. is thriving and breaking new barriers in the insurance industry.  In what started as a small insurance business back in the 1970s, The Brokerage Inc. continues to stand out as one of the biggest and most reliable Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) in the country.  In Podcast: Episode 51, Part 3 of From a One-Bedroom Apartment to a National Insurance Agency, Mike Smith and Cheryl Hopkin finish the story of how the Brokerage Inc. came to be.  This episode catches you up to where the Brokerage Inc. is today.

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The Brokerage Inc. continues to grow in its office in Lewisville, TX

As the business grew, so did the family commitment.  Along with Ross, Cheryl, and Mike, the business expanded to include Cristin and John Ross, Cheryl and Ross’ two children.  The above photo was taken in 2010 at their Lewisville, TX office on Main Street.  Ross’s vision extended way beyond his staff in 2010.  Today the Brokerage has over 50 employees!

Ross signs the paperwork to break ground on the new Flower Mound, TX office

Ross surrounded by his family after signing the paperwork.

The office celebrates the new office!

In this Episode you’ll Also Learn:

  • Why it was important to be centrally located in North Texas
  • How their new location came to be
  • When Cristin and John Ross joined the family business
  • And so much more!

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