Podcast: Episode 54

February 17, 2021

Cross-selling can be an agent’s secret weapon to expanding a client’s product portfolio. On Podcast: Episode 54, Agency Owner Rita Garza of Skyview Insurance shares her tips for cross-selling.

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Rita Garza of Skyview Insurance shares her strategies for cross-selling

Why Cross-Selling Works

There are so many benefits to cross-selling products to your new and existing clients.  For one, retaining your clients because you offer them more than one product is a big advantage to cross-selling.  You can also increase your income if you offer several products to your clients.  And offering these products allows your clients to decide for themselves if they need and want additional products they may need.

Rita Garza is an experienced agent and agency owner.  She owns Skyview Insurance with her husband in South Texas.  Her agency continues to grow and be successful because she believes cross-selling is an important tool to serving her clients.

Here are a few of Rita’s tips for cross-selling:

  • Offer supplements from the first point of sale
  • Do a client analysis of existing clients to see what they need
  • Don’t be afraid of offering a huge deductible plan
  • Bundle supplements whenever you can

In Podcast: Episode 54 you’ll Also Learn:

  • How to get started with cross-selling
  • How to introduce dental and vision
  • How to create an intake sheet
  • And so much more…

Reach out to Rita and Skyview Insurance by visiting www.skyviewcares.com.  Call or email Rita at 361-816-5111 or Rita@skyviewcares.com

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