Podcast: Episode 56

March 3, 2021

Have you started your social media marketing campaign for 2021 yet?  In Podcast: Episode 56,  we explore some Social Media Marketing Ideas for 2021!  Are you looking to create content this year?  Have no fear, we will get you started.

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5 Strategies for a Social Media plan

If you are looking to get into the social media game, we recommend these strategies to help you grow,  especially if you are going to use Facebook for your brand.

  • Know your audience and define your goals
  • Experiment with video content
  • Leverage Messenger marketing
  • Experiment with groups
  • Consider outsourcing

In Episode 56, you’ll Also Learn:

  • Where to start on your social media journey
  • How long should video content be?
  • Where to find companies to outsource your work
  • And so much more…

If you want to learn more about social media or even creating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), check out some previous podcasts. You can listen to all of our Broker Link episodes in our Podcast library here! 

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