Podcast: Episode 60

April 1, 2021

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare supplements what’s the difference?  In our first of several Audio Masterclasses, we explore the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.   Podcast: Episode 60 will also share some strategies on how to add these to your client’s portfolios.

Medicare AUdio Masterclass

In this podcast, we share a Masterclass on Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage what’s the difference?  You will learn why you should add Medicare Supplements or Medigap plans to your client’s portfolio.  Leigha Hayes is our Medigap Sales Director, she walks us through what it takes to enroll in these plans.  She’ll also share some of her strategies in presenting and selling these products.

In Podcast: Episode 60 you’ll Also Learn:

  • Medicare Supplement Plan Options
  • How to Enroll in a Medicare Supplement
  • Commissions, Contests & Bonuses
  • And so much more…

We explore the world of Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage in many previous podcasts.  You can listen to all of our Broker Link episodes in our Podcast library here! 

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