Building a Brand for Your Business

April 7, 2021

Are you thinking about Building a Brand for Your Business?  Your brand not only says who you are, but what you represent so it’s important to understand the brand or mission of your business.  In Podcast: Episode 61, we take a deep dive into how to get started building your brand.

Building a brand for your business

Branding is defined as “a particular product or a characteristic that serves to identify a particular product”.  So your brand could consist of a logo, a slogan, a website, a product,  or something that separates it from another who has the exact same business.  Insurance agents are able to differentiate themselves using their personality, their experience, and their niche.  That is called branding.

In this podcast, you will learn where to get started when it comes to building your brand.  What questions should you be asking yourself?  What steps to follow as you decide how to describe your business.

In Podcast: Episode 61 you’ll Also Learn:

  • Why you should create a customer avatar
  • Where to begin when crafting a mission statement
  • How other brands are using branding techniques
  • And so much more…

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