Scam Alert: What to Watch Out for When Choosing an FMO

May 18, 2021

Are you considering partnering with an FMO?  Would you like a brokerage agency to have your back?  Finding the right partner is so important to growing your Insurance business.

In Podcast: Episode 65, Scam Alert: What to watch out for when choosing an FMO? The Brokerage Inc.’s New Agent Advisor, Louise Roberson, tells us what to look for in a reputable agency.  She will also share her experience with a bad agency and what to look out for.

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What to watch out for when Choosing an FMO

Choosing an FMO may be the most important thing you do when partnering with an agency.  The right FMO will always be upfront with you, give you 100% ownership of your business and help you grow it with legitimate leads.   Ms. Louise is our Agent Advisor and is a wealth of information.   She will share all of her experience and let you know how to get an Agent Demo with The Brokerage Inc.  Reach out to Ms. Louise at louise@thebrokerageinc.com.

In Podcast: Episode 65 we’ll also discuss:

  • What is a vesting period?
  • Questions you should ask an agency about leads?
  • How to not only grow your book of business but how to grow your business?
  • And so much more…

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