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Call Center

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Program Coordinator:

John Ross April 2014
John Ross Hopkin


Why Partner with us:

  • Free to agents who are contracted with TBI
  • Making hundreds of calls on your behalf
  • Provides the opportunity to increase your income and solidify your book of business

What we do:

  • Identify as your appointment scheduler
  • Upon first appointment being set, you will receive an email with the recorded conversation
  • All calls are recorded Of contacts made, 40-90% end in an appointment being set

What you need:

  • Must be contracted with a minimum of 3 Final Expense carriers
    through TBI
  • Must have 50 clients to start
  • Schedule availability (4 hours a day, 2 days a week, minimum of
    4 weeks)

Read more about the success we are having!

“I would like to give a special thanks to Michael Keating for your dedication and service to the The Brokerage Inc. and their partners.

 The Call Center is an excellent concept which is taking my business to another level. Since partnering with The Call Center, I have seen tremendous growth in my insurance sales and I have someone to see every day! 

 To top it all off, there is a team of friendly, helpful support staff to answer any questions that I have asked.

 I appreciate your service and support!”

~ Roshun Robertson

“Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing!! As a matter of fact, I did not expect your team to do such a great job. My hat is off to you...Again, thanks for the marvelous job you and your team are doing.”

~ Grover Bond