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Lead Generation Tools

What is a "Lead"?

A lead can mean different things to different people.  Here at The Brokerage we pride ourselves on helping agents find qualified prospects interested in speaking with you about the plans you offer.  Through direct mail, internet generated, live call transfers, and our grassroots marketing platforms, you will never be short on prospects.  View our "menu" below for an overview of the lead programs we offer: 


Submit eight (8) application through The Brokerage, Inc. and receive a complimentary 1,000 piece mailer through America's Recommended Mailers (ARM). 

Direct mail is great way to generate leads, and we have partnered with America's Recommended Mailers (ARM) to supply custom mail programs for you.

Grassroots Marketing


Community-Based marketing programs create leads organically, and renew themselves, based upon agent performance. 

Final Expense

Legacy Safeguard

Agents contracted with The Brokerage Inc. receive their own personalized Final Expense marketing program, along with quote engines to help generate leads and interest. This cost-free feature allows contracted agents to establish their own personal presence in a lucrative niche market.

What is a Webinar?

Leads, Leads, Leads

Can you ever have enough? Check in to make certain you are taking advantage of all of the marketing and lead programs available to you as a contracted agent with The Brokerage Inc.! Don't miss out on any opportunities!