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"Brokerage Bucks" Mail Program


This subsidy program is offered to agents writing and placing eight pieces of business with the Brokerage Inc., in any combination of carriers or product-- Medicare Advantage; Medicare Supplement; Final Expense; Life Insurance; Major Medical; Supplemental Medical Plans; or Annuities--  within a thirty day period.

This production will fund a 1,000 piece mailing through one of our approved vendors. Additional mailing support is available based on agent commitment to an extended mail campaign. 

Custom Contact List

Volume Based Pricing

A contact list can be ordered for you from outside vendors based on the age range, income level, and markets in which you desire to work. Contact names are scrubbed against the "do not call" list. These lists may be distributed multiple times.

Direct Mail Programs

Cost Based on Extent of Use

We offer a direct mail program available for all product lines. You choose a mailer from our marketing portfolio and we handle the rest. Different packages of mailers with discounts for Medicare Supplements; Final Expense; Dental; Mortgage Insurance; Disability Income; Turning 65; and Medicare Changes are detailed in the ARM Catalog. We also offer additional mail services including ACA campaigns and more. Our partnerships also enable us to offer discounted direct mail programs targeting specific niche markets,

Internet Generated Lead Programs

Lead Cost Share Programs

The Brokerage Inc. contracts with multiple Internet Lead Generator Companies, with lead availability varying depending upon market and product selected. Our featured partner is HealthPlanOne. Call us for further details on this program.


Carrier Generated Leads


The Brokerage Inc. will at times have carrier generated prospects and/or recycled prospects. These prospects have responded to carrier solicitation or have been otherwise contacted, and have agreed to allow an agent contact them and discuss certain products. This may simply be a prospect that is expecting your call. These leads may be seasonal and subject to availability

Turnkey Final Expense Marketing Program


Agents contracted with The Brokerage Inc. receive their own personalized Final Expense marketing program, along with quote engines to help generate leads and interest. This cost-free feature allows contracted agents to establish their own personal presence in a lucrative niche market.

Community Based Marketing Programs


Community-Based marketing programs create leads organically, and renew themselves, based upon agent performance. These programs include:

1. Retail Marketing

Through various contracted carriers, and other one-off opportunities, agents have the opportunity to take advantage of natural and driven store traffic to carrier-supported and self-augmented store-based marketing locations.

2. Faith-Based Opportunities

Group meeting opportunities through pre-screened faith-based locations. Informational topics of interest (Medicare, ACA, Life Insurance, LTC etc.) are presented to the congregation supported by church leadership.

3. Provider Marketing

Depending upon the product being marketed, referrals and lead collection from contracted network providers, or medical professionals positively affected by the proposed insurance offering.