Simple Productivity Tips for Getting Things Done

June 2, 2021

According to Author David Allen, being stress-free is the key to productivity.¬† He writes about it in the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”.

How to Get Things Done

When you are organized and prioritize your day, you are more productive. It’s a simple concept but it’s an important one for getting the most out of every day.

Allen stresses the importance of creating a plan and following these steps:

  • Do it
  • Delegate¬† it
  • Defer it
  • or Drop it

A good productivity plan also helps you to respond appropriately to things that come up in your day. When you are stressed, you respond in a way that is not thought through or organized.

Allen also created a five-step plan to achieve this:

  • Capture
  • Clarify
  • Organize
  • Reflect
  • Engage.

We go over each of these steps in detail in the podcast.

we’ll also explore:

  • What is the first thing you should do for better productivity?
  • The difference between projects and action items
  • What is the 2-minute rule and how can I apply it to my daily routine
  • And so much more…

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