Sidecar is Changing Health Care

June 26, 2020

Sidecar is on a mission to change the way people think about health care and are turning the traditional approach to health insurance on its head.

Instead of limiting patients to narrow networks, our members have the freedom to see any doctor they like.

Instead of patients not knowing what services cost, we empower members with tools and information so they can make smarter decisions while sparing their pocketbook.

Instead of healthcare providers getting reimbursed by the insurance company, our members pay for care directly using a Sidecar Health VISA card and often get price discounts offered to self-paying patients.

how it works

When the Visa card is used, Sidecar Health provides an estimated Benefit Amount and the member’s personal payment method is charged with the remaining share of the swiped amount.

An expense is automatically created within a member’s account.

When a member uploads a picture of the itemized receipt to the expense, the final Benefit Amount is determined based on the services detailed on the receipt.

If the final Benefit Amount is more than the initial estimated Benefit Amount, Sidecar Health credits the difference to the member. If it is less, the member is responsible for the difference.

Dedicated, in-house Member Care representatives are reachable immediately without transfer and are ready to help members find medical services in their area and answer questions.

Members can enroll, change their plans, or cancel at any time.

The enrollment process is online and completely paperless. All Sidecar Health plans are unwritten by insurers that are rated by AM Best

how are they different

    • No surprises because coverage is transparent
    • Members can see any licensed healthcare provider or pharmacy, sharing prices so everyone saves
    • Members get great coverage with fixed benefits
    • Members can tailor their plans to their budget and needs


If you have questions about these products or how to get started, contact Belynda DiCiaccio | 469-635-6715 | belynda@thebrokerageinc.com

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