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Carolyn Beach

Our new Employee of the Quarter is Carolyn Beach. Carolyn came to work for us on June 22, 2017. She was originally hired to take over Commissions but she took it to the next level by starting procedures to audit commissions. She was also given the task of working...

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Virginia Terry

Nov 1, 18 • Featured Partner3 Comments

Virginia Terry was born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller Sr. She is the wife of Bishop T. Terry Sr.; she wears many hats while working beside her husband in ministry. Virginia is the mother of one son but she and her husband have a blended family...

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It’s Selling Season: Are You Ready for AEP?

Oct 9, 18 • AEP|MedicareNo Comments

October 15 marks the beginning of the 2019 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). There are a number of tasks an agent needs to be conscious of to ensure a successful selling season. 

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James Rash

Oct 5, 18 • Featured Partner1 Comment

I was born at Fort Carson, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My father served in the Army. We lived in many places including Germany, Arizona, Missouri, and Wyoming. Constantly moving created many challenges including meeting new friends, schools, and cultures. However, I believe that helped shape my career in...

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Why Life Insurance Awareness Month Matters

Sep 27, 18 • life insuranceNo Comments

If you casually monitor The Brokerage’s social media presences (if not, start with following our LinkedIn page), you have noticed our recognition of Life Insurance Awareness Month. But why does it matter? Let’s start with some cold hard facts

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Albert Robledo

Sep 13, 18 • Featured Partner1 Comment

Albert Robledo is a big believer in Tony Robbins’ mantra, “The secret to living is giving.” He also feels there’s no room for ego. You have to listen, seek answers and be coachable. “I’m a person who has failed his way to success. I wasn’t always the most talented,...

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Sherry Kelson

Our new Employee of the Quarter is Sherry Kelson! Sherry has worked for The Brokerage for over 18 years! She has been an instrumental part of the growth TBI has obtained over that period of time. She started in the Life Department and continues to do an outstanding job...

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“Boomer Bust: Point of Need Care Funding Project” by Barry J. Fisher

Aug 20, 18 • life insuranceNo Comments

Many people dream about inheriting a legacy.  When I was a mere sprout in the life insurance business our “capital need analysis” training called for a simple question; do you plan to receive an inheritance? According to a 2014 report by Life Happens, 76% of Americans expect a family...

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Sandy Tyler

Aug 2, 18 • Featured PartnerNo Comments

Sandy C. Tyler is a Supervising General Agent helping seniors navigate the Medicare Market since 2000.  He joined PacifiCare in 2005 that same year it was acquired by United Healthcare. Sandy is based in South Texas serving the Corpus Christi, Houston and Victoria Markets. Sandy enjoys working with seniors...

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McCunis & Fox

Jul 3, 18 • Featured Partner3 Comments

Misty Fox and Gary McCunis founders and owners of The McCunis-Fox Health Insurance Agency have been providing insurance to families, individuals and businesses since 2007. They have a combination of over 40 years of sales management experience developing their businesses into industry sales leaders. They are an independent agency...

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