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Tery Loftus-Emery

“You all at The Brokerage are awesome! I cannot imagine building this business without The Brokerage Inc.!”


Cecilia Ramirez

To Cristin,

You helped me fulfill my dream job. When I worked for Aetna, I always told myself that my dream job is to become a broker, but I didn’t know where to start. Now, I am at The Brokerage living my dream and for that I owe it to you. Thank you!

-Cecilia Ramirez, Fort Worth

Travis Branch

“Thank you [The Brokerage] so much for all you do. I can’t imagine how many agents and agencies y’all support but you always make us feel like we are the only one.”

-T. Branch

Daniel Rodriguez

“Connecture has been a lifesaver when out in the field. I use it to enroll Aetna members so that they can get their Welcome Kit and member ID card faster than they would if I faxed in the information. Inputting the information is faster and easier than filling out a paper application and it keeps me doing what I should be doing – Closing and moving to the next appointment.”

Daniel R.

Peter Huynh

To Kim, Leigha, and Cristin,

Thank you all for setting up my appointment for P. Moore, on Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 10:00am.

The meeting went very well. I was able to sign her up for UHC Medicare Complete Plan 1. I explained to her the difference between the benefits she was getting from TRS and what other carriers have to offer in particular, UHC. She was very thrilled I was able to show her the whole Medicare procedure and wanted to inform and guide her fellow retired teachers to have me help them out as well.

Ladies, thank you for setting this appointment up for me. It was very thoughtful of you to think of assigning it to me to run and explain that to her. I would love to help with more of these this month. I am dedicated to what I do and I want to work hard along side a great team such as yourselves, the Brokerage.

Peter H.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Last week, I attended the roadshow that The Brokerage hosted with Mike & Rod: This is just one small example of what training can do and how it can make a difference in our lives as agents and we get to pass that on to our clients. In attending the roadshow, I was given an in-depth review of several options to cross sell to our consumers and Rod & Mike both of course did an excellent job in presenting the information and reminding us to look past just selling Medicare.


I received a text from a spouse of a client I helped sign onto Medicare, since signing this client two years ago he recently passed away. The spouse reached out to me via text to mention she is in England and needs to see me when she gets back to get coverage as she is about to turn 65. She now understands the importance of medical coverage.


The BEST PART is that she reached out to me earlier this morning to mention she needs medical coverage while she is in England for the next 13 days. I was able to quote her coverage, send her the link and she went online and signed on to a 13 day plan covering her while in England; she was in such gratitude over my assistance and I owe it all thanks to Mike & Rod.


The day of the roadshow I went into Surancebay to request the contract for International Medical Group and was given a writing number 24 hours later. Because of this training and the timing couldn’t have been better I was able to help my client this Sunday morning and she definitely looks forward to meeting with me upon her return for additional Medicare coverage.


With this situation alone, I know I have a client for life and will be able to offer other products that will too come in handy for her as a consumer. I can’t thank Mike & Rod enough for their expertise, professionalism and time given to make this type of training possible. This is my testimony to say all The Brokerage does to help and really make a difference! Thank you Mike & Rod for ALL you do!!

-Kimberly R.

San Antonio, Texas

Roshun Robertson

I would like to give a special thanks to Michael Keating for your dedication and service to the The Brokerage Inc. and their partners.

The Call Center is an excellent concept which is taking my business to another level. Since partnering with The Call Center, I have seen tremendous growth in my insurance sales and I have someone to see everyday!

To top it all off, there is a team of friendly, helpful support staff to answer any questions that I have asked.

I appreciate your service and support!


Humble, TX

Wes Bennett

“Thanks again for you and your team sponsoring another excellent meeting in Grapevine. I know a lot of work, time, and money goes into making for an excellent  and informative meeting.

I appreciate all the opportunities afforded me  this year from The Brokerage: the lead program, the HEB’s, WalMart, Ridgmar, and the physician programs,among others.

I’d also like to say a special appreciation to John Dubas, for his tireless work on our behalf.” – Wes  10/2015

Sean R.

“I have worked with The Brokerage Inc for several years and they are the crown of DFW for Insurance Brokerages. They take extra time to train their agents in the specific areas that they work. From new borns to seniors, they can find the right agent and plan for your needs.”

-Sean R.


Jose G

I think most importantly, Mike, the credit rests upline with our FMO with as an example to follow in its rigor, discipline and tirelessness. This excellence shines in every event, every webinar, every conference, and every interaction with a member of TBI. TBI is not only a great partner to have but also a great mentor and leadership to follow.

– Jose G