What Are the Best Products for Medicare Agents to Cross-Sell?

March 9, 2022

Would you like to expand your business and retain your clients longer? Jesse Brewer is a Senior Sales Director with SureBridge.  He breaks down the best products to cross-sell as well as strategies to sell.

Who is Surebridge?

SureBridge is one of the nation’s leading supplemental insurance brands.  Supplemental insurance can provide an extra layer of financial protection to your healthcare.   Some of the SureBridge plans include dental, vision, and other plans to complement your health insurance.  There is also an extra layer of protection with accidental injuries, hospitalization, cancer, or catastrophic illness.

Why Sell Ancillary Products with Surebridge?

1- Client retention — the more products you have in the household the longer the client with stays with you.  SureBridge also has good first-year commission plus renewal commissions.

2- Differentiation from Competitors – some products are similar, but with the Surebridge platform, you can do other products.   

3- Additional Income – cross-sell one client per week, and you will receive an additional income of $13,500 annually.

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