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Final Expense Training with Transamerica

Video Summary

Steve from Transamerica presents their competitive final expense product portfolio. Steve will provide a comprehensive overview of Transamerica's final expense solutions, including graded, 10-pay, and immediate coverage options. He will highlight the flexibility and broad eligibility of their plans, optimized underwriting approach, streamlined technology, and recent guideline changes. It’s time to take your final expense sales to the next level!


(3:39) About Transamerica

Contact information

(8:51) Products

Comparison chart

(13:33) The Process

Eligibility questions, Edelivery

(18:36) Underwriting


(20:53) Case Studies

Dive into examples of coverage

(26:45) Rates

Comparison chart

(28:01) Navigating the Website

Agent Portal

(34:03) Questions

Agents get their questions answered

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