STM & Limited Benefit Plans from UHOne

Video Summary

In this webinar, we explore UHOne's Short Term Medical (STM) and Limited Benefit plans, including their coverage periods, maximum out-of-pocket costs, and eligible expenses. You'll learn how to navigate the complexities of UHOne's Short Term Medical plans, which offer temporary coverage for individuals and families who may be between jobs or waiting for group coverage to kick in. We'll also explore the benefits of UHOne's Limited Benefit Plans, which provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional major medical plans.


(8:22) Medical Insurance Coverage: The Safety Net

(10:26) The Portfolio Puzzle

(13:09) Navigating the Unitedhealthcare Network

(15:30) The Insurance Coverage Landscape

(20:18) Insurance Coverage: The Ultimate Protector

(21:06) Deductible Dangers: What to Watch Out For

(30:56) Wellness Exams: The Healthy Route

(34:23) Application Options: Choosing the Right Path

(37:50) Selling Insurance Coverage: The Art of Persuasion

(43:18) Important Feature: The Game-Changer

(47:00) Enrollment: The Beginning of the Journey

(51:05) Ancillary Products: The Add-Ons That Matter

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