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Agent Testimonials

"I have worked with The Brokerage Inc for several years and they are the crown of DFW for Insurance Brokerages. They take extra time to train their agents in the specific areas that they work. From new borns to seniors, they can find the right agent and plan for your needs."

-Sean R.


Thank you so much for getting me squared away with BlueCross BlueShield.  I have already received word back from them and have begun my online training.  This has meant a lot to me since it's just a matter of time before I become productive.  My whole future has been contingent upon you, John, Rod and Graciela and countless others in your organization.  You don't know how much this has meant to me.  It's has been like shot in my arm so to speak.  Once I come on board with MetLife and a couple of others I contracted with, I can begin my second career.  Just thought I would let you know how much this means to me and my wife.  

-F. Cruz

Mike, you guys are the greatest. Would put all my business through the Brokerage if you repped all the companies. Every single person on your staff that I have dealt with is a pro with a super attitude! Give 'em all a hug for me.

- Frank R.

The Brokerage has a group with a great attitude and super work ethic. Ya know though, the attitude comes from the top with Ross. They are always so positive and see the brighter side and that is exhibited by the staff. I don't think I have ever received average or, God forbid, below average service from your organization.

Under different circumstances, I would be sending my resume relentlessly and shouting "pick me, pick me!"

The entire staff is appreciated and if it is done monetarily, all the better.  Either way, they are a very cohesive team always responding with timely and suitable resolutions.

Laura Jordan is one of those "few" exceptional individuals. She is by far one of the best and most pleasant persons I have had the pleasure to work with. Always quick and timely in her response to information requests and questions, she is well informed, knowledgeable and excellent in her follow up. It is a great comfort to know that if I have a question or require assistance, I can contact Laura and know that whatever the need, she will be efficient, comprehensive, timely and always pleasant in her response. The Brokerage is fortunate to have her for she is outstanding at what she does and is a tremendous asset to your firm, for which she deserves recognition and the highest of praise.

Again, I thank you for your wonderful assistance and the outstanding work you do!

-Brent W.

I have personally known Ross Hopkin for many, many years and if honesty and integrity mean anything to you then you can bet that Mike Smith reflects the same high quality that Ross does. I have known Mike since he started his relationship with The Brokerage and his knowledge and "get up and go" is second to none. He is always willing to help you in any situation. So, I don't know if all of these comments are a vote for The Brokerage, but, if so, you can count my vote as a big yes. I have been in the insurance business for 50 years and have seen many "fly by night" brokerage firms and The Brokerage is NOT one of them.

-Ted F.

I have worked with The Brokerage Inc. from the moment I first became a licensed agent some 8 years or so ago. Mike Smith has always exhibited the absolute in professional and ethical standards. Everything I learned about insurance, I learned from The Brokerage Inc. and their very competent staff. Today, I'm a pretty strong producer. Nothing would move me away from The Brokerage Inc. They offer everything an agent needs and I consider them my partners in success. Mike Smith is truly an example of a company reflecting the top and continuing through the ranks. The Brokerage Inc. has my vote from now until forever!!!

Tricia S.

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