Capitol Hill Updates with President Mike Smith

Our team recently attended the NABIP Capitol Conference in Washington D.C. In this episode, President Mike Smith gives an overview of how current legislation could impact your business in 2023 and beyond. Topics Covered: The Spirit of Independence Award Why…

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What an Illegal Medicare Call Sounds Like

Pepper McCarty, Medicare Product Specialist, recently shared a Medicare call… View More

Insure Your Love 2023

Happy Valentine's Day! Since we're in the month of love,… View More

The Canadian Medstore

Do your clients want to save money on prescription drugs?Of course… View More

How to Retain Your Clients During Medicare OEP

Loyalty…it’s rare these days. We have new plans every year… View More

Selling Medicare: The Definitive Guide

How to Create Your Medicare Business Plan

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, it's a great time to create your Medicare business plan! This article… View More

AHIP Certification: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you thinking about the AHIP certification? In this week's Broker Link Podcast, we take a closer look at what… View More

Choosing a Medicare FMO: The Definitive Guide

Whether you are brand new to the insurance industry or you’ve been selling insurance for years, you’ve probably heard the… View More

Grow Your Business

How to Recruit Agents

From Corporate Executive to Independent Agent

Have you ever considered leaving the corporate world for something new?  What about becoming an insurance agent?  This week's podcast… View More

The Easiest Way to Measure Your Production

AgentVizion is the Easiest Way to Measure Your Production. Podcast Overview Agent Vizion is a wonderful tool for agents, agencies,… View More

How to Create Facebook Ads for Insurance Agents

Recently, many agents have asked how they can use social media to create leads for their insurance business.  As we… View More

Selling Health Insurance: The Definitive Guide

Low Cost Ways to Promote your Insurance Business

Are you looking for ways to promote your business without spending a lot of money? On Podcast: Episode 66, Low-Cost… View More

FFM Certification: A Comprehensive Guide

In order to sell ACA health insurance products, you must complete the annual FFM certification. The following guide outlines each… View More

What is a General Agency?

Are you a licensed life and health insurance agent who wants to understand the ins and outs of working with… View More

Selling Insurance: Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Get Your Insurance License: Complete Guide

Whether you want to work as an independent insurance agent or as a captive employee, you must be licensed with… View More

Captive vs. Independent Insurance Agent

Most new insurance agents will face several decisions after becoming licensed. If you already work for a company that requested… View More

How Much Can You Make as an Insurance Agent?

Most people don’t grow up with the dream of one-day selling insurance. It isn’t the most glamorous profession, and it… View More

Selling Life Insurance: The Definitive Guide

How to Generate a Referral Pipeline

Are you looking for referrals?  Most insurance agents would answer yes to that question.  So what's the best way to… View More

Bestow: From Quote to Coverage in 10 Minutes

Are you looking to expand your Life Insurance portfolio?  In Podcast: Episode 57, From Quote to Coverage in Under 9… View More

What is an IMO?

As a professional in the insurance industry, you might have asked yourself "What is an IMO?" IMO, NMO, FMO, MGA,… View More

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