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Life Insurance Underwriting Rate Classes Explained

Mar 29, 19 • life insuranceNo Comments

We understand that life insurance underwriting can be confusing. Worse yet: you must determine your client’s underwriting class before you can even begin a quote! The wide world of underwriting does not have to remain a mystery, however. Simply put: life insurance underwriting is the process of a carrier...

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A Reminder to Sell Superior Dental Solutions!

Jan 28, 19 • life insuranceNo Comments

As an insurance agent, there’s no better feeling than being able to provide the benefits and services your clients want and need. Dental insurance remains one of the most desired products in the insurance industry, and now you have the chance to add an incredible dental & vision plan...

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Why Life Insurance Awareness Month Matters

Sep 27, 18 • life insuranceNo Comments

If you casually monitor The Brokerage’s social media presences (if not, start with following our LinkedIn page), you have noticed our recognition of Life Insurance Awareness Month. But why does it matter? Let’s start with some cold hard facts

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“Boomer Bust: Point of Need Care Funding Project” by Barry J. Fisher

Aug 20, 18 • life insuranceNo Comments

Many people dream about inheriting a legacy.  When I was a mere sprout in the life insurance business our “capital need analysis” training called for a simple question; do you plan to receive an inheritance? According to a 2014 report by Life Happens, 76% of Americans expect a family...

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A Look at Hybrid Long-Term Care

Apr 9, 18 • life insuranceNo Comments

 As Americans trend towards longer life expectancy, the need for long-term care (LTC) greatly increases. However, traditional LTC policies hold significant price increases and broach fear of “wasting” premiums if one dies without needing long-term care

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Our Top Five Tips to Speeding Up Your Life Insurance Sales

Jan 26, 17 • life insuranceNo Comments

Selling life insurance has often gotten a bad rap for being a slow and arduous process. We are happy to say that there are many techniques you can use to get the application taken and approved quicker than ever. Here are our top five tips to speed up the...

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