Choosing a Medicare FMO: The Definitive Guide

October 27, 2022

Whether you are brand new to the insurance industry or you’ve been selling insurance for years, you’ve probably heard the terms: Field Marketing Organization (Medicare FMO), National Marketing Organization (NMO), or even Independent Marketing Organization (IMO). 

What does all of this mean and why does it matter for the independent insurance broker? 

Continue reading to learn why every Medicare agent needs an FMO. At the end of the article, get our free guide on how to choose the best one for you. Feel free to jump around using the links below:

Medicare FMO: The Fundamentals

At its core, a Field Marketing Organization (FMO, NMO, IMO) markets, sells and distributes insurance products such as life, health, and annuities.  

They are typically aligned with the highest-level contracts to become the EDC (External Distribution Channel) agent’s back-office support. 

This support typically includes credentialing, certification, contracting, carrier alignment, Errors and Omissions cost assistance, and personal support. 

FMOs also offer training programs that help agents become skilled at the selling process and representation of their carriers.

Many even provide access to technology such as quote engines, enrollment tools, and even personal shopping sites.

Why not work directly with the insurance carriers?

Great question.

While it’s true that some carriers are willing to work with direct agents, most of the top carriers require you to work through a Medicare FMO to obtain a contract

This makes sense, doesn’t it?

Why would a national insurance carrier want to handle all of the back office and training support to thousands of agents when they can instead delegate this role to a handful of national FMOs?

Another factor to consider is production requirements. Even if you are able to obtain a direct carrier contract, you will be held to a higher standard. If you are unable to produce accordingly, you might be at risk of termination.

Exclusively through the Medicare FMO, you get direct access to carrier product training and even leads!

The Key Benefits of Working with a Medicare FMO

There is so much opportunity to be successful in the insurance industry, but running a business is no simple task. The support of a quality FMO allows you to prospect, market, and execute your plans for residual income!   

Whether you work in a major city or you’re a rural-bound agent, a Field Marketing Organization has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you be successful.

Agents partnered with The Brokerage Inc. can earn up to $5,400 per year in leads and marketing support through our exclusive Brokerage Bucks program.

They also receive industry-leading tools such as The Broker Link, our Health, Life, and Medicare Quote Engines, Online Enrollment Tools, and more.

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Most importantly, a quality FMO teaches its agents how to offer their clients the best products for their unique needs. 


Do Medicare agents need an FMO? The answer is yes, absolutely!

Now that you understand the importance of working with a Field Marketing Organization, it’s time to find out which one is right for your business. 

Check out our free guide on how to choose the best insurance FMO, and if you have questions we are here to help!

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