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How to Help Clients 60-65

By Dana Minear

How To Help 60 65

Why Consider The Bridge to Medicare Plan?

The Bridge to Medicare Plan is a short-term medical insurance solution that can provide coverage until clients are eligible to enroll in Medicare, helping reduce their financial risks so they can enjoy retirement.


Short-term medical insurance includes hospitalization and professional health services after deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. The benefit coverage can pay up to $500,000 during the covered time period. There are no doctor or hospital network restrictions, so clients have the freedom to choose where to receive care.

Important Plan Features

  • Up to $500,000 in benefits per coverage period
  • Deductible options of $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000
  • 20%-30% coinsurance options
  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital – no networks
  • Prescription drug copays available on all plans (after $500 Rx deductible on select plans)
  • Coinsurance maximum out-of-pocket of $10,000 per person, per coverage period

Advantages of The Bridge to Medicare Plan

  • Open network – see any doctor or hospital
  • Designed specifically for pre-Medicare individuals and spouses
  • Benefits targeted to your needs. Benefits like maternity coverage are not included

Candidates For The Bridge to Medicare Plan

Pivot Health’s Bridge to Medicare is for individuals and couples age 60-64 years and 11 months who are looking for a health insurance option before they are eligible for Medicare. This plan is also a solution for:

  • Individuals who have left their employer health plan and want a different solution than COBRA
  • Those who are in good health and don’t have ongoing medical expenses
  • Those seeking a temporary health plan as a result of a non-permanent need

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