How to Sell Without Getting Certified

September 1, 2021

There are many ways to sell insurance.  Close the sale by signing up a client, or you can go through The Brokerage referral program and earn a referral fee.  How to Sell Without Getting Certified is a great way to help a client, especially if you are not certified in a specific product.

Podcast Overview

Here at The Brokerage Inc. we have always believed in offering our agents a way to help clients in all areas of insurance.  So we created a referral program for agents who may not specialize in health insurance or life to refer clients to an agent who specializes in those products.  The best part is the referring agent can earn a commission for doing so, plus get the client back when the time calls for it.

In this Podcast we’ll also explore:

  • How to sign up for the referral program
  • What you can make from one referral
  • What to expect in this year’s AEP Medicare Kick-Off 2022
  • And so much more…

You can find out more about the referral program in our Agent Portal.  Go to www.thebrokerageinc.com and log in.  If you are not already an agent with The Brokerage Inc., you can also sign up there too.

We have a complete library of podcasts to help you grow your business.  You can listen to all of our Broker Link episodes in our Podcast library here!

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