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AgencyBloc Acquires Radius!

Episode Summary

The transcript covers a recent episode of the Broker Link podcast in which hosts Gillan, Steve, and Bob from AgencyBloc discuss AgencyBloc's acquisition of Radius CRM.

Gillan provides an intro explaining that AgencyBloc recently acquired Radius, a popular CRM in the insurance space. He notes this seems like a good opportunity for agents considering a CRM solution to learn more.

Steve and Bob then introduce themselves. Steve is the Sales Manager at AgencyBloc and has been there for 7 years. Bob is the Chief Product Officer, joining in 2021 with a background in insurance automation.

Gillan asks for an overview of the acquisition. Bob explains that AgencyBloc started on the CRM side but wants to expand capabilities across the entire lifecycle for agents. They want to fill gaps through building, buying, or integrating. The Radius acquisition fills gaps on both sides - Radius is stronger in sales enablement while AgencyBloc excels in servicing and core agency management. Together they can provide broader capabilities.

Steve adds that Radius' customer support will benefit from AgencyBloc's strength in that area. Gillen notes the acquisition brings together two popular platforms and asks how it will impact existing customers.

Bob explains there will be no disruption short-term as they figure out the integration. Long-term the goal is leveraging the strengths of both platforms. They don't want to force customers into anything or just combine features. The value is in how the platforms are orchestrated.

Gillan asks about data security. Bob explains it's a big focus with constantly evolving compliance needs. Joining forces with AgencyBloc gives Radius added resources to meet security demands.

The discussion then covers why brokers should choose AgencyBloc over white-labeled CRMs from social media influencers. Gillan argues that AgencyBloc's whole business is tailored to agency management tech and security, unlike third-party software resellers.

Steve notes partnerships with brokers like The Brokerage provide invaluable insurance expertise to help them build truly tailored solutions. Bob agrees technology is the easy part - understanding needs is critical.

In conclusion, Gillan overviews the partner URL for AgencyBloc and notes the acquisition of Radius expands capabilities for both customer bases. Strategic moves like this advance the insurance technology space.

Overall, the episode provides an inside look at AgencyBloc's acquisition of Radius CRM. The key takeaways are how the strengths of both platforms come together to create an end-to-end agency management solution, the focus on non-disruptive integration, and the importance of deep insurance industry expertise in building tailored broker tech. The future looks bright for customers of both platforms.


(0:00:00) - Broker Link podcast features interview with Steve and Bob from agency block
(0:00:42) - Steve and Bob from AgencyBloc join us to talk insurance automation podcast
(0:02:26) - AgencyBloc is an agency management system
(0:03:29) - AggencyBloc was acquiring Radius, which is a popular CRM
(0:04:28) - Radius and AgencyBloc have complementary products and customer bases
(0:08:16) - Radius recently acquired AgencyBloc, which has outstanding customer support capabilities
(0:14:16) - Gillan: The insurance industry is behind the curve in technology
(0:19:01) - We've got a lot of folks in various communities that have white-labeled platforms
(0:23:02) - Data security, it's a big focus of ours, as you can imagine
(0:28:01) - How do you get started with the Brokerage Inc.

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