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Agent Spotlight with Mark Wendt

Episode Summary

Mark Wendt had a successful 36-year corporate career before making the bold decision to switch to insurance sales in his 50s. His story provides valuable insights for anyone considering a career change later in life.

Mark started his corporate journey back in 1982 right after college. He began working in metallurgy and quality control positions, fields closely related to his degree. Over the next three decades, Mark progressively moved up the corporate ladder, reaching executive-level roles across six different companies.

After 36 years in the corporate world, Mark decided he was ready for a new challenge. He had a growing interest in insurance and financial services, drawing from positive interactions with agents over the years. In 2019, at age 52, Mark made the life-changing decision to obtain his insurance license and start a new career as an independent agent.

The transition from corporate executive to insurance sales was not easy. Mark had to leave the stability of a salary and adjust to the commission-based income of insurance sales. However, he embraced the challenge with passion and perseverance.

Mark passed his state licensing exam on the first attempt and immediately got to work. He diligently pursued carrier certifications and product training to build his knowledge. Just one month after getting his license, Mark sold his first policy in March 2019.

When the Annual Enrollment Period rolled around later that year, Mark found great success. He leveraged his work ethic and people skills from his corporate roles to land over 100 applications during this crucial sales period.

Mark credits his early wins to becoming a student of the industry. He devoted himself to understanding all aspects of insurance sales, from products and carriers to sales strategies and digital marketing. This domain expertise gave him credibility and confidence.

Support from his upline and brokerage was also critical. Their training, mentoring, and resources helped Mark ramp up quickly. He emphasizes the importance of having a great team around you.

Today, Mark has built up an impressive book of over 500 clients. He stays connected with them through newsletters, events, and digital communication. Mark aims to continue growing his business by providing value and excellent service.

Mark's story highlights that it is possible to change careers and thrive, even after decades in one industry. With courage, dedication, and the right mindset, you can succeed in a new profession mid-career. Mark shows that insurance sales can be incredibly fulfilling and financially rewarding.

At only 52, Mark is excited about this new chapter focused on entrepreneurship and helping others. His transition proves that with passion and hard work, it's never too late to pivot to a new career and make your dreams a reality.


(0:00:00) - Welcome to the Broker Link, where we empower insurance agents to sell more
(0:00:50) - Mark is a top producer and is now an independent agent
(0:01:11) - I started my corporate career back in 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska
(0:04:42) - You got your license quickly. It sounds like it was a pretty quick thing
(0:09:48) - One of the things that's made you successful in your career in research
(0:12:09) - When I left corporate, I was doing a lot of traveling
(0:16:00) - You stepped in right before everything went to chaos mode in our society
(0:20:25) - The next big struggle for an agent is to convert themselves into a leader
(0:22:12) - As you've brought on clients, that's leading you to more clients
(0:27:25) - Do you have like a system or do you just use an Excel spreadsheet
(0:29:16) - The days of having carriers or uplines supply you with leads are rare
(0:32:22) - Mark, this has been awesome. I think it'll encourage some folks out there today

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