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Covid-19 An Agent Survival Guide

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on providing insurance agents with strategies and resources to adapt their businesses in light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The host acknowledges that the coronavirus outbreak is requiring daily changes for insurance professionals to continue operating effectively. The goal is to ensure agents can maintain top-notch service for clients during this confusing time.

First, the host assures listeners that Brokerage offices remain open, with the capability to seamlessly transition to remote work if required. This ensures no disruption in brokerage services. Agents are advised to follow CDC health guidelines to remain safe.

The host then highlights virtual tools agents can utilize for remote meetings and enrollment in place of face-to-face interactions. Zoom and Calendly allow agents to conduct video calls and screen sharing for virtual presentations. The Simply Enroll tool enables remote Medicare Advantage enrollments. Under 65 health carriers permit e-enrollment, and life insurance drop tickets reduce application paperwork.

Listeners are encouraged to enhance their digital marketing skills during this period when online visibility is increasingly vital. Recommendations include optimizing website content, email campaigns, social media engagement, and online ads.

The host urges agents to be proactive in contacting existing clients by phone or video to check in, demonstrate care, and offer assistance. Partnering with carriers to mail branded giveaways is another way to stay top of mind. Handwritten thank-you notes and birthday cards can also strengthen relationships with clients.

In closing, the host reaffirms that Brokerage will continue providing timely COVID-19 updates and business growth strategies through podcasts, blogging, and social media. Listeners are reminded to leverage the abundance of resources available to adapt their approach, maintain client relationships, and even expand their insurance business during the coronavirus climate and beyond.


(0:00:13) - Coronavirus is creating unique challenges for insurance brokers
(0:00:54) - The Broker Link podcast focuses on helping agents grow their insurance business
(0:02:58) - Another resource we wanted to bring up is Zoom and Calendly
(0:08:04) - One encouragement during this time is to improve your digital marketing strategy

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