Do I Really Need a Website?

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on why insurance agents need a quality website to grow their business in today's digital landscape. It explores the key elements every insurance website should have, the barriers agents face in getting a site, and smart tips for choosing the right platform.

The hosts emphasize that an effective website establishes legitimacy and trust when prospects are referred to you. It allows prospects to learn about your services and make that all-important first impression. Websites also enable lead generation through contact forms, scheduling appointments, and answering common questions via FAQs.

For existing clients, websites facilitate cross-selling by directing them to informative content on products they may need. For example, agents can create blog posts on how supplemental insurance can fill gaps in Medicare coverage. Nurturing emails can then link to these posts, enabling organic cross-selling conversations.

In our mobile-first world, fast-loading, mobile-friendly websites are essential. Studies show over 50% of all website traffic now comes from smartphones. A site that loads slowly or looks terrible on mobile can quickly destroy credibility with digitally savvy prospects.

The hosts discuss key barriers agents face in getting a quality website. Cost is one - custom sites can be expensive. Building it yourself requires tech skills many agents lack. Some also question if a website is worth the investment. However, the hosts emphasize that in the digital age, a website is a must-have foundation for your insurance business.

Before choosing a website platform, the hosts recommend securing your domain name so it doesn't get snatched up. Options include WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, or broker-focused solutions like TheBrokerSuite. Assess factors like cost, design, features, and your tech comfort level.

The bottom line is in today's digital insurance landscape, a quality website establishes trust and credibility, nurtures existing clients, captures new leads, and drives revenue growth. It is an essential marketing asset. The hosts urge agents to invest in a professional website tailored to converting insurance prospects and growing agencies.


(0:00:06) - The Broker Link podcast discusses all the reasons why you need a website
(0:00:34) - Dylan: Things are looking up, I think, around here
(0:01:04) - You need an online web presence regardless of what business you're in
(0:02:03) - There are many options for building a custom website for an insurance agent
(0:04:40) - The third barrier people might be experiencing is, whether is it even worth it
(0:08:25) - The other thing I was going to hit on is increasing your revenue by cross-selling
(0:09:32) - Website and social media go hand in hand, right
(0:10:25) - Having a website can help you grow your revenue, but buyer beware
(0:15:26) - Your website has to be mobile-friendly and fast
(0:18:43) - You need to secure a domain and then there are lots of website options
(0:21:53) - Get your domain first to help grow your business
(0:25:43) - Broker Link podcast encourages agents to earn more, sell more, and stay independent

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