Easiest Way to Measure your Production

Episode Summary

The podcast discusses how Agent Vision is an invaluable platform for insurance agents and agencies to easily track and measure their production and book of business.

It starts by acknowledging that as an insurance agent, things get extremely busy during Annual Enrollment Periods. A major problem arises when it becomes easy to lose track of what policies you are selling and overall production. While agency management systems like Agency Block help organize client information, they cannot fully track production across all carriers.

This is where Agent Vision comes in. Agent Vision is a state-of-the-art analytics platform that provides automated production reports from all of an agent's contracted carriers in one centralized place. This saves agents the headache of manually gathering reports from each carrier.

With Agent Vision, agents get a comprehensive view of exactly how much of each policy they are selling. You can filter and analyze production by specific product, agent, geography, and any other variable that matters. These granular insights help agents identify what is working well and what needs improvement.

In addition, Agent Vision delivers real-time business intelligence dashboards to empower data-driven decisions. Agents can spot trends, compare performance between agents and products, and find opportunities to optimize their agencies. It becomes easy to double down on the most successful products and agents.

Agent Vision also offers a mobile app called Agent Vision To Go so busy agents can monitor their production and insurance sales on the go. Whether traveling between client meetings or after hours, agents have up-to-date stats in the palm of their hand.

As discussed in the podcast, Agent Vision has been a total game-changer for agencies using it. The visibility and analytics it provides allow agents to sell more insurance and make smarter choices during key periods like AEP.

Excitingly, by registering for the AEP Kickoff event, agents can get a free 30-day trial of Agent Vision. This is the perfect way to experience the platform's benefits first-hand before committing. After the trial, Agent Vision is an affordable monthly subscription.

In summary, Agent Vision is an invaluable platform for agents to gain visibility into their book of business, identify opportunities, and leverage data to sell more insurance. The podcast makes an extremely compelling case for signing up for a free trial at the AEP Kickoff event. Agent Vision is a must-have tool for any agent looking to optimize their performance.


(0:00:00) - The 2022 AEP kickoff is free and open to the public
(0:00:52) - We're talking about the easiest way for you to measure your production

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